What does it mean- Bravely Beautiful?

What does it mean to be Bravely Beautiful?

It’s the action you take when you do something outside of your comfort. what scares you- what triggers the flight or fight in us. It’s the courageous act of listening to your true desires.

It’s the inspired action that makes you feel so uncomfortable but yet so empowered.

The feeling of uncertainty and beauty all at the same time.

It’s vulnerability, bravery and courage wrapped into one.

When I think of all the times in my life where I’ve had to use everything in me to be brave. It absolutely never felt beautiful…. in the moment it felt terrifying, messy, and uncomfortable. Like a shock to the system and being so unsure of what’s to come that it’s almost thrilling.

Being brave IS being beautiful. Because bravery is taking risks. This action proves that you care about your dreams because you are showing up to take the leap. It shows how much you love and care for yourself because you’ll do what it takes to live authentically. It inspires others to do the same.

Bravely Beautiful is about owning your story. It’s knowing your why and honoring it. It’s about being vulnerable enough to share what got you to where you are and how you learned to love yourself through it.

It’s brave when we look at our traumas, feelings, baggage, triggers, shadow self and past stories. It’s brave because most of the time it hurts. We live in a world where we can and do find ways to push these wounds aside, tell ourselves we’re okay and numb out the pain. It’s easier that way.
But its brave to feel them and beautiful healing them.

This is Bravely Beautiful.

I want this to a be a space to encourage/ inspire people to be their most authentic selves while navigating the world around them. My hope is that by me unpacking my stories we can ride this wave together consciously and it will inspire you to heal your hurts and celebrate your wins. Together we can make this world even more beautiful than it already is.

What’s YOUR Bravely Beautiful ?

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