Who do you want to be?
Who is it that you want to become?
Who’s the person waiting for you on the other side of fear? It’s you. Your higher self. It’s the person you’ve been working so hard at finding through the past few years. She’s there. She’s waiting for you to trust her and take her hand. She’s waiting for you to take the leap and recognise that this person is everything YOU have dreamed of becoming. She is you. All you have to do in this moment is trust. Trust that you’ve done the work up until this point that’s lead you to where you are exactly. To understand that what you’ve been through has mentally, emotionally and physically prepared you for what is coming your way.
She’s ready for you to take her hand. She’s waiting there smiling and laughing showing you it’s safe. It’s the version of yourself you’ve been dying to meet.

Step into the role of being a visionary. Step into the role of the dreamer who makes her dreams reality. Step into the person who believes that absolutely anything is possible. Step into the new you. The 2.0. The person who you were destined to become.

She’s here.
She’s just waiting for you.
All you have to do is leap.

This morning I found a card from an oracle deck I use from time to time. This particular deck I haven’t used in a few months. I was playing with them last night and just flipping a few out here and there. Seeing as it was before bed I was asking questions along the lines of, “what do I need to know in this moment before I go to sleep?”
When I was done I put them all away and fell asleep almost instantly.
This morning when I was making my bed, I pulled up my sheets and out flys an oracle card. The card read ‘METAMORPHOSIS’.
Beautiful pictures cover this card. Butterflies flying in the sky and two pink flamingos becoming one.The background is sky coloured with pinks, purples and blues fading into one another.
You see some people would look at this and be like “oh how did that get there? I must have missed a card last night”
Which is entirely true – I did miss the card. But I believe there’s more to it than that. Oracles are energy cards. They read the energy that you already posses intuitively inside of you.
It was the new moon, I had just had a week full of talk about purpose and inspiration and had spent the morning (prior to making my bed) writing 6 pages of 2019 manifestations.
For me it’s more than a coincidence- it’s magic.
The card read “you are in the process of deep and beautiful change”.
This is something that I have felt building for months. I’ve felt a sense of discomfort in my own skin like I’ve outgrown it. Or just like on the picture of this card – a butterfly getting her wings and preparing to fly.
I’ve felt this urge to want to go go go. But a sense of it not being time yet because I’m still shedding the parts of me that are no longer needed.
The beliefs, the hurt, the relationship patterns and the stories I tell myself to keep me small.
Its all through awareness on this journey that I’m able to sit back and witness myself going through the change.
This is my journey. The way that I see myself evolving is different than some. And who I decide to become in the next phase or chapter in my life is completely up to me.
I get to be the dreamer who made her dreams reality and I get to be the person I’ve been looking forward to meeting.
The best part is she’s been here all along- all I had to do was find her again.

Quote from them card
“Despite the fear you must accept that this is a transformational time for you. There will be loss involved but you’ll love what you become.”
The enchanted map oracles
Colette Baron Reid