Just Be


What a year.

This was a year of deep emotional transformational energy.

It showed me things that were hidden so below the surface of my imagination and brought them to the forefront of everything I needed to heal.

2018 was the year of learning to fully embrace who I am including all the shadows of me.

It meant seeing myself for who I am and where I come from. It meant allowing the parts of me I don’t like to surface so that I could learn to love myself through them. It meant that deeper knowledge of myself needed to be shared consciously in order to become more me than ever before.

Just be.

Just be was a saying I started to hear in 2017. People continuously would say “court – just be” as if it were like a simple favour or task. I had no understanding of what this meant at the time and as it continued to resurface in my life throughout 2018 I really decided to take it on board and adapt the saying into my life.

There was a moment I won’t ever forget.

I had stoped hearing it for a while due to being slightly off course and just a little bit stuck in my head …. (Cleary not ‘just being’ at the time.)

It was the final days of school where the children were everything but calm and we as educators were feeling tired, excited and emotional all at the same time.

I was leaving this job to move to a new one the following September.

During the goodbye process I remember talking to the principal of the school about what was next in my life. What did my first summer completely off work look like.

I began to tell him that I would be heading home to see my family.

As we are both from Ontario and now living in Vancouver – he looked at me with a sense of understanding. With a look that was comforting. Like he knew exactly how I felt about going home. That bittersweet feeling of getting to see your loved ones but also accompanied with anxiety and fear of the unknown.

He looked at me and smiled and said ‘just be’.

I instantly smiled back and got shivers. There it was again. The word that has synchronised its way into my life. The word I’ve been trying to figure out its importance of. Here it is again.

It was in that moment I realised I’ve been learning the lesson of these two words at this job.

I was in a place where I was safe and accepted for who I was at my core. I was heard. I was encouraged to just be myself as a professional in my role and as a friendly co-worker.

Fast forward a few months I decided to get this saying tattooed on me during one of those crazy eclipses in the of summer 2018.

It was a pivotal moment.

I had been learning to find the girl inside of all of this who would learn to be accepted no matter the environment because she is completely comfortable just being herself.

‘Just be’ was and is a reminder of what the present moment holds. It’s a reminder of my authenticity in those moments and how it brings me closer to my purpose.

2018 was the year of ‘just be’.

Just be okay with who you are and where you are in this moment.

Just be brave enough to speak your truth.

Just be with the feelings that are within you no matter their intensity.

Just be the person who your soul is urging you to be.

Just be in the moments where vulnerability and connection takes place.

Just be the you, you came to this world to be.

And here it is. The birth of my blog Bravely Beautiful. A place for me to fully get to be myself and encourage others to do the same. A platform of ‘Just BEing’.

And as we close the door of 2018 and walk down the hallway to a new one – I’m excited and ready to see what all of this has prepared me for.

To see what’s behind the door of 2019.

It feels fresh, new, exciting, blissful, and filled with love.

Cheers to Just Be’ing.