If you could pick one word for the year to live by what would it be?

What word or feeling would you want to possess?

How would you like to feel in the up and coming year ?

What do you want to call in ?

What’s your over arching intention?

What’s your word?

I asked myself this question while I sat for hours putting my goals to paper and really taping into what it was I wanted this year.

The time of year where we talk about our New Years resolutions and goals for the months ahead.

I had a list of goals that I wanted to accomplish.

– be in a relationship

⁃ be part of a workout group ( HITT and yoga)

⁃ 30 day yoga challenge

⁃ Deepen my intuition

⁃ Meet more friends who have things in common with me

⁃ Have a better money mindset

⁃ Passion project/ side hustle where I can be creative in giving back to the

world and make money doing what I love

⁃ Move to North Van

After looking at a few of these and breaking it down, I realised that I’m craving connection. Connection with others, with my higher self, connection to making money authentically, and connection to more people, places and things that resonate with me.


There it was my word for the year!

As I continued to write about it my feelings sort of shifted about this word.

Yes I want to feel connected BUT I want to feel more than that.

I want to feel a sense of LOVE in absolutely everything I do.

I want to be surrounded by love. I want to be able to see love in all places. I want to feel love like I’ve never felt before.

That’s the connection I want.


Of course with being in a relationship first on my list … I guess this one is semi obvious. But it’s more than just that.

I want to spread more love to people in the world. Everyday people who maybe look like they could just use a little dose of the L word headed their way.

Smile at strangers kind of love.

I want to see loving things happening in the streets of Vancouver and everywhere I go.

I want to hear love stories and love songs and people talking about all the love that surrounds them in their day to day lives.

I want to write about the love I witness.

I want to love every single part of myself – including the parts of me that aren’t my fave.

I want to feel loved from my family and friends, children I work with and new people entering my life.

I want to radiate the love that I wish to receive.

I want to lead with an open heart so that love can effortlessly flow to me in every way possible.

This is my word for the year.

Love is my intention.

What’s yours ?