The big WHY

For the longest time I felt like I had to bend and stretch and try on different identities just to be accepted.

To feel like I belonged.

I found myself through other people over and over again.

I use to call myself a chameleon where I would be able to adapt and change to any environment I was in.

This was great. It gave me the ability to have many friend groups, learn from so many others and really be liked by everyone around me.

Until one day when I started to realise how lonely I was on the inside. And how those “identities” were all part of my journey but only part time versions of me.

I’ve grown and changed so much sometimes I find it hard to keep up. But there came a time where I was actually fully seen and accepted for my whole self.

I was surrounded by everything in people I could have ever dreamed of. And that’s the moment I realised – it’s more than okay to be myself. My authenticity is accepted and it’s safe to be that version of me.

The funny thing about this was that in this time of my life not only was I the happiest id been in a very long time. My whole life felt abundant. My bank account was full. I was working in a job I loved. My physical health was at its peak (strength wise). My emotional health was beyond great. My body wasn’t “perfect” but I was happy. My relationships from afar started to become stronger. And the new bonds I formed became family.

I got to meet this new person who was kind and so loving and so open and vulnerable. She cared so deeply for others and made time for them. She balanced work and life with play and explored every aspect of her life with curiosity and compassion. She healed herself from the inside out.

And she felt like a new woman.

That woman was me.

I didn’t know I could go from being a hurt little girl/teenager to a woman who fell in love with the world, her body, her strength and her emotions. I didn’t know it was possible to live fully in my own truth and be accepted for it.

This is my why.

This is why I decided to create a space for my authenticity to be expressed. To be heard and to be seen.

I really really hope that someday I encourage someone else to be fully who they are in every aspect.

From this point forward I don’t want to change or fix anyone. I want to see them for their truth and send love and compassion their way and help them to realise they are loved and accepted for exactly who they are. Unconditionally.

Once we start doing this with one another – the generations below us will start to notice.

If we are connected and feel we belong they will feel courageous enough to be 100% themselves in this world and find their tribe and their purpose way faster than we did.

This will create that ripple effect of love around the world.

Because being our most authentic selves is who we came here to be. Why on earth would we want to be anybody else.