Speak your TRUTH

Would you rather say nothing at all and wished you had? Or say something and wish you never said anything?

The other day I was faced with a situation that lead me down the road of contemplation.

Contemplating wether or not to speak the truth from my heart or quiet that inner voice and not say anything because of fearing the outcome.

Naturally- I turned to one of my GF’s who offered me support and guidance.

She sent me this question.

Would you rather say nothing at all and wished you did? or say something and wish you never said anything?

She said that a long time ago someone asked her this and it has stuck with her ever since. She believes that it’s always better to speak your truth.

Funnily enough as she was telling me this – I was creating more content for Bravely Beautiful. Looking at quotes about being authentic, standing in your power and embracing the fears in life.

In that exact moment I knew what I had to do.

I had to do something I’ve never done before.

I had to do something that I preach and want to teach.

I had to do something that was downright terrifying.

I had to be vulnerable.

The vulnerability it takes to courageously open our hearts to someone is the essence of what I want Bravely Beautiful to be about.

I want to live a Bravely Beautiful life.

Vulnerability is scary and it takes guts.

It’s the most authentic version of us. We allow connection to happen regardless of the outcome because of the ever flowing wave of emotional release that comes with it.

We show that we respect ourselves and have boundaries.

We show that we have emotional maturity.

We show that we are human.

We show that by opening our heart it’s safe for the other person to open theirs.

So in that moment of flight or flight. And my body wanting to do everything to run away ( court version 0.5 okay and version 1.9), not deal with it, and push absolutely every feeling I was feeling out the window….I took her advice and instead of running away – I ran blindly into the fire not knowing what the outcome would be, and truly not really caring. Because I knew that speaking my truth was the highest version of me I could be.

This is the version of me that I have been working very hard to become. The version of me who believes in herself. The version of me who has a beautiful vulnerable heart. The version of me who believes in spreading love and kindness through all forms of connection.

This is the moment I ran into the fire feeling proud of myself for speaking my truth.