The energy of this sign is all about setting our goals and making plans to achieve them. This is an earth sign which gives us the ability to ground and to have stable foundations and structures to get shit done!
Capricorn gives us the ability to really focus on what we want to accomplish in the future and bring forward the determination to check it off our list.
These guys are some serious hard workers. They know what has to be done and how to do it. They are the sign that will stop at nothing to achieve their GOALS. They are motivated to take their visions or dreams and find strategies to implement them into their daily goals.
They are loyal. Independent. Hard shells to crack and very realistic.
Capricorn asks us to look at what we’re asking for and be real about making it happen.
Sounds like January in a nutshell right ?

(December 22- January 19th)

Right out of the gate. January 1st energy of renewal for so many of us. Every single year I say, and I quote “I will not wake up hungover and feel like a sloth this year.”
Can confirm I did feel like a sloth and was slightly hungover. There’s always next year 😉
The cool thing about Capricorn is that we have from before Christmas to work with the energy and into the third week of the new year. SO MUCH TIME TO PLAN and get cracking on the goals.
This year I noticed 5 major themes presenting themselves pretty clearly… I used this as a sign to be like YO GIRL this is what your goals should be based around for the year.

2018 I was hit with some pretty insane unexpected money issues.
(Like having to pay the government a tax return from 2017 – a week before Christmas 👍🏻).
Capricorn season made me focus on the fact that I am worried about money probably 50% of my day. This made me uncomfortable, annoyed and angry.
If I want to live an abundant life WHY AM I SPENDING MY THOUGHTS on worrying about this.
Capricorn knows that money is an energy that fluctuates. They just get it !
This made me question the resistance I put on bringing in money and how old beliefs get in the way of bringing in financial abundance. This also made me wonder what I can do to make more money authentically this year.

GOAL: Have a conscious relationship with money and adopt a better money mindset.

Que the crafting of the vision boards and journaling for 4 days straight.
YUP- I spent a solid 4 days spread out in different areas of my house fully getting into my vision for the year ahead.
I’ve always been into writing BUT the last few years I’ve started to really focus on invisioning what I want and working on manifesting it. It’s pretty powerful to think that we can create the life we want.
The energy of the new year (Capricorn) gave me this push to get my vision board done, brain dump(journal) all that was in my head and get it out on paper so that I was physically able to see it.
Once I saw it on paper I felt motivated, inspired, hopeful and straight up ready to get to work and bring it all my way!

GOAL: Make weekly, short term, and long term goals to track my progress and keep myself accountable and motivated.

Lucky me – I’m actually off of work for two weeks during this season…. which means lots of time off to really focus and check myself when it comes to my career.
I asked myself … am I happy in my current role? Do I feel like I’m succeeding? What areas could I grow in ? What are my goals presently and for the future?

This definitely is something I always look at because I have this urge to always grow and have a fear of staying the same.
This time around I actually wrote out a vision of something I want to create in the future – which I believe will be my career. Then I looked out how what I’m doing right now will help me get there. THIS ENERGY is still really prominent in my life even out of cap season. BUT so glad it came out BECAUSE….

GOAL: How can I learn more in my current position to assist with my future role I am creating for myself?

This is something that was coming up majorly the last few months of 2018 and really shoved in my face during Capricorn season.
How much I crave this. How much I feel like I need more people in my life who understand me or have similar interests.
This totally isn’t a cap thing – (definitely my Aquarius popping up) But this time it kind of made me think about how can I let my guard down ?
Capricorn’s are so loyal but they can be really hard to get to know because they have a tendency to be closed off until they get to know you and trust you. I CAN SAY THIS because I have lots of Capricorn in my chart.
Which is why I made this into a goal.

GOAL: Make more of an effort to connect with people already in my life and open up and be vulnerable with new people entering my life.

This ones a little different.
I actually reflected on how much I’ve done on my own. How much I’ve grown. What I’ve learned and what I’ve accomplished independently.
December has this reflection energy to it and it’s sort of fun looking back at where we’ve come from so we know we have the ability to go after what we’re calling in for the new year.
I really sat in those feelings of immense gratitude for the strength that got me through those difficult times, the people who supported me, and the lessons I learned helping me to be more resilient and knowledgeable in the end.
I love my independence and freedom that comes with it. But for 2019 I want to take some of the burden off my shoulders and allow people who love me to help me. I want to be able to help others in return.

GOAL: Ask for and accept help from others when needed. I do not NEED to do things alone. It can be just as rewarding doing it with company.

That’s a wrap on Capricorn season.
Hopefully you’ve set your goals in place and are ready for take off- because this years about to be a wild ride.


Some questions I’ll be asking myself during the season…
-How can I communicate my vision with the world?
-What can I learn that’s deeply connected to my souls purpose?
-Where am I feeling stuck and how can I allow more freedom in my life?
-How can I celebrate my differences with the world and teach through my eyes?
-What part can I play to make the world a better place?
-What am I doing to live as my most authentic self ?