FEARful or FEARless?

Let’s talk about Fear.
That thing inside you that screams WTF and pulls you the opposite direction of where your soul is telling you to go.
That horrid feeling of your heart beating out of your chest and unsure of when it will stop.
The adrenaline that holds its hand.
The moment when fight vs flight shows up for you to decide what to do with.

In these moment what do you choose?
Do you say SEE YA and book it the other way.
OR do you look it in the eye and say I SEE YOU doing your thing and run right into the fire?

Fear is this word that has so much energy surrounding it. It’s just a word but the powerful essence of it can be felt just by seeing it or reading it on this screen.
When it comes to learning how to accept fear and consciously work through it – I find myself left with so many questions.

What does fear trigger in us?
How to we know if it’s a good fear or irrational fear?
How do I know what to do when fear presents itself?

Children are such a great example of this. They are the most fearless creatures. They are born into this world just ready to explore ever nook and cranny without a care what will happen.
But then when they decide to jump on the bed over and over again ( despite what their mama says ) they end up falling off and biting their tounge so bad it bleeds for hours. 🙋🏻
They learn from getting hurt that that’s probably not something they should do ever again.
This really made me think. So as adults are we holding onto memories of things that have happened in the past which trigger the fear to pop in now? Are we making decisions based around an incident that happened earlier in our life that maybe hurt us or didn’t go the way we expected? Are these the things that are deciding our future ?
What creates fear? What does is stem from?
We’re not born fearful so why does it show up in our lives so frequently?

Fear has this way of sneaking in during moments of uncertainty. It pops up out of no where and makes me completely shut down.
Flight has been my knee jerk reaction to fear for an incredibly long time.
It’s stopped me from meeting new people, going on dates and doing things with friends.
It’s stopped me from expanding and growing.
Each time fear has presented itself to me in the past I’ve run away.
I didn’t want to deal with the emotion. I didn’t want to put in the hard work that it was going to take to grow. I didn’t want to be rejected. I didn’t want to loose something good.

You see, fear can protect us. It keeps us safe from danger and it keeps us in our comfort zones. It’s the voice of the ego who invites itself in without a warning.
I learned to use this protection when things were scary and overwhelming.
It was comfortable.
Fast forward to now about to be 28 and trying to manifest a life bigger than ever before- I realised instead of running I have to fight.
I have to run into the fire. I have to embrace the unknown and uncertainty of the situation. I have to trust that the presence of fear is teaching me how to let go and trust with everything I have. It’s allowing me to grow into the higher version of myself. It’s showing me the way into the life I’ve been invisioning.

I have let fear be the driver of my life for the last few years.
I was fearful of presenting myself to others.
I was fearful of expressing my true feelings.
I was fearful of being rejected.
I was fearful of meeting new guys.
I was fearful of buying new things.

I realised all this fear was actually just creating lack in my life. These fears all stemmed from belief systems either passed down to me OR the result of a painful experience. It was easier to do nothing about these things and keep myself locked up in a sense.

BUT Courtney 2.0 doesn’t role that way!
I’m bringing back the girl who found the courage to jump on an airplane with 1500$ to the other side of the world. She had some health concerns and no job to go to. SHE WAS FEARLESS because she had to be. She had absolutely no choice but to trust the universe.

It was hard but I did it and the outcome was beyond worth it.

Being fearful of things that excite you even a little bit… that’s your ticket. That’s the way through to the other side. This is where your life will transform.

So what have I don’t lately that’s scared has shit out of me?
– I told a guy how I feel about him knowing it wasn’t reciprocated.
-I paid for a 500$ course taking the majority of the rest of my savings.
– Ive gone to events throughout the city forcing me to meet and connect with other amazing humans and pushing me out of my comfort zone
-I’ve created a blog expressing all my feelings
-I wrote my latest blog talking about people who inspire me and tagged them on Instagram ( almost didn’t and now I’m so glad I did!)

The message here is that fear can either protect us or keep us stuck. But finding out which avenue it’s taking us down is the key to knowing which choice to make.
Without fear we have the chance of being really hurt. But at the same time without fear maybe we’d be living a life of alignment.
We wouldn’t be afraid to hold back our feelings.
We wouldn’t be afraid to go after our dreams.
We’d be fearlessly going after the life we came here to live.
So because fear is here and well…we have to acknowledge it, maybe it’s here to teach us something. Maybe it’s here to ask us “how badly do you want what your asking for?” Can you push through the “fear” of making your dreams reality?

Jump and the net will appear.
I promise it will always be there.