27 lessons from a 27 year old

What a year!

I feel like we say that at the end of every year when we bring in the New Year or turn a new age- but I mean it when I say “what a year!’”

Your 20s are this beautiful time of truly getting to know yourself. It’s hands down amazing but also has felt like a sweaty uphill battle some days.

Before writing this blog I actually looked back through some old journals and pictures and allowed myself to feel nostalgic.

First I thought “wow I’m pretty lucky”. But it didn’t take me long to quickly flip the script and say “WOW look at this life that I created- I’m so proud of myself.”

It’s taken me 27 years to finally get to the point of recognising my own accomplishments and it’s taken me 27 years (and counting) to learn that there’s always going to be mountains to climb to get to the next destination.

In short- 27 you were a year of intense inner work and healing. You gave me new insights on who I wanted to become and how I would make that happen. You allowed me to outgrow an old version of myself so I can step into this new role and play it out so effortlessly.

I’m forever grateful for you.


  1. How to buy a NEW car from a dealership on my own. Probably still somehow got slightly ripped off – but hey Ms Independent vibes.
  2. Yoga is an actual HARD and sweaty workout.
  3. My body is always stronger and more capable than what I think it is.
  4. Going to bed at 930 is life changing.
  5. Waking up at 5 am is life changing.
  6. I learned what a pension plan was and started contributing to one.
  7. Stress is my number 1 gut health bandit- well besides sugar 😬
  8. I like wine BUT wine doesn’t like me.
  9. Meditation actually makes me a kinder, calmer and happier human being.
  10. Rest days are just as important as all out ninja warrior days at the gym.
  11. I can do anything I set my mind to … with the help of YouTube.
  12. Living in fear only keeps me stuck and pushes me further away from my dreams and goals.
  13. Being passionate is a good thing.
  14. When I’m my most authentic self- I actually attract more people I vibe with and can learn from into my life.
  15. I need to work on being a better listener.
  16. My parents are people who had a whole life before I even existed- with stories to tell and battles of their own.
  17. I was emotionally unavailable. I learned that I needed to open my heart and let the walls down to experience the connection I’ve been craving.
  18. I Actually LOVE, LOVE! I Love stories, romantic movies, love songs, people telling how they met. Guess you could say doing the work has helped.
  20. Boundaries are Beautiful! I can and will still be liked, desires and respected when I have healthy boundaries.
  21. My self worth isn’t dependent on money in my bank, material items or who likes me. It’s my integrity to my values.
  22. My intuition is my greatest strength.
  23. Writing is my creative outlet and allows me to express myself in a way that’s unique to me.
  24. Coffee dates with friends make my heart so friggan happy.
  25. Balance is the key to life – and being orginized helps.
  26. Living in alignment is living abundantly.
  27. My purpose is changing constantly as I continually grow and expand into the person I’ve always wanted to become. And THATS OKAY! Because without growth I wouldn’t be who I am today.

Goodbye 27,
Hello 28.