5 lessons learned from AQUARIUS ♒️

This is the dawning of the AGE OF AQUARIUS, AGE OF AQUARIUS… we all know the song. It’s light and freeing, and feels like love and kindness. It looks like bright colours, peace signs and Coachella (or any other music festival that resembles Woodstock).

Aquarius is the sign of freedom. They are an air sign which is often mistaken due to the symbol that represents them- the bucket with water flowing out.
They are humanitarians. The water flowing out is their gifts. What they have to give to the world. To those in their lives. They are givers and seekers and are innovative in how they learn and grow.

Aquarians are independent, quirky and often perceived as aloof. When really they are in their heads dreaming up a world that will help heal the collective. They believe in peace and equality. There’s no difference to Aquarians- we are all one.
They stand tall in their power and commit to their uniqueness and dreams.
They are different and that’s part of their gift to this world.
They are the change makers for the new world we are walking into.

THIS IS MY SEASON.I am so proud to be an Aquarius. It’s not always easy, I often feel like the “black sheep”, the “alien” of the group. The weird one 🙋🏽‍♀️
But as I grow up and the older I get, I’ve learned to use this in a positive way. I enjoy being weird. I like being unique. I love my authenticity and enjoy learning about how I can contribute to this world using all of these gifts.

5 THINGS I LEARNED during Aquarius season:

1.MY AUTHENTICITY attracts the right people into my life.
When I am fully me and I laugh in public at something funny at my phone or smile at strangers walking down the street, I show the universe I’m comfortable in my own skin.
I’ve had to work on this for a long time. I was always worried I’d be “too much” for people or weird when I talk about the things that excite me- like spirit guides or aliens. But when I fully show up as myself and follow the things I’m interested in, this whole new world opens up and people who have similar values walk into my life.
My authenticity sets me free.


When I speak my truth I honour and respect myself. I courageously listen to what my heart is telling me and then bravely speak the words of my true feelings and emotions. During the last month of Aquarius season this was huge for me. I mean having a new blog helps- but also learning how to translate my emotions into words online and in person has begun to open me up more and more and understand myself on a whole new level.
It isn’t about others needing to understand me- it’s more about just being open and honest with myself because having a voice is my power and I can’t help change the world if I don’t speak my truth. It feels empowering to speak up even if that means standing out.


This kind of goes with speaking my truth, but I had a few experiences this month where having an opportunity to state my beliefs and opinions were given.
I think it’s powerful to be able to speak your truth in a kind hearted way. I learned that having an opinion is an important part of being human. People fought for us to have a voice and it would be a shame not to use it.
When I attended events this past month and felt those nerve racking feelings of uncertainty raising my hand to ask a question or state my view – every time it was met with someone saying “your so brave – thank you so much for asking that.” And then connecting with people who were feeling the same.
If I never spoke up I wouldn’t have the chance to feel a connection with people who have the same values or thoughts running through their minds.

4. NEW WORLD vision

I have a vision for a new world. I believe that we are going to see massive changes before 2020- in fact … I think we’ve already begun to see them. Look at the rise of the word “consciousness” for example. We are being consciously aware of what is around us, how we live, how we eat and how we learn.
There’s new ways of doing everything. We learn through online courses being offered from people who are following their passions and purpose in life. We have YouTube and Podcasts which allow us to seek more knowledge about our own passions.
We have technology at our fingertips connecting us with people around the world who inspire us to grow and evolve.
We don’t just learn from school anymore and we don’t just heal from therapists.
We help heal each other through our devices and by being brave enough to speak our truths.


I recognised the power of my voice.
I felt my intuition hit a whole new level of knowingness.
I saw this light within me that gives me the power to create.
I felt my connection to the spirit world expand and brighten.
I realised I’m the leader, healer and activist of my own life.

Aquarius season you were 👌🏻
I’m proud to be you, learn from you and make this world a better place.

Pisces season is up next.

This is where we daydream our lives away and can feel a little cloudy. But during this season how can we ask ourselves to let go more and allow the flow of life take us to the next level?
Where do our dreams take us?
When we’re sleeping what are ours dreams subconsciously telling us to heal?
What can we let go of as we come out of hibernation mode and prepare for spring?
What is our intuition telling us?
How can we be more empathetic to others?

See you in the next season ✌🏼