Celebrate yourself

“Remember when you wanted everything you have now?”

In a world of go go go, and a goal driven society. How do we stop and look at ourselves from the outside and celebrate how far we’ve come.
When do we stop to smell the roses.
During a big change perhaps?
Right before a break through?
Or is it when someone else acknowledges it?

I’ve been thinking about this lately.
I’ve been noticing that people in my life wether it be via facebook/ instagram or at work etc. have been being incredibly hard on themselves lately. And I’ll be the first to raise my hand and say “HEY ME TOO” 🙋🏽‍♀️.
I’ve been recognising that because of the platforms we have to connect and the braver we become expressing our feelings – the more I’m seeing that we are literally crushing our own spirits.

I recently read a post from a friend who is working abroad and has been for a while. We met on an island in Australia four years ago. Before she left that island she was lost and looking for something new. From reading her post – she’s in a similar situation again.. just craving more and new in her life.
As I read her post. I felt my heart break for her because the feeling is so relatable BUT also because I see her through my eyes. I see her as this independent strong ass woman who has CRUSHED her dreams. She made every single wish of her heart come true and has literally been around the world and back again. Through my eyes she is an inspiration. Through my eyes I see a girl who blossomed into a brave woman. I feel proud of her. And I want her to feel and see all of that.

Why is it so much harder for us to see what others see in us?
In the days of self doubt, is this what friends are for?
Is it normal for us to feel this way?

As I sit here and ponder these questions, I recognise how hard I am on myself.
Accounting for the times I’ve needed my friends to say “Court! Your being so hard on yourself- look at all you’ve accomplished.”

Of all the qualities I’d want to be as a friend- being SUPPORTIVE is high on that list.
How can I be that friend to myself ?
How can WE all be that friend to ourselves?

I feel grateful knowing I can turn to people in my life near and far who are able to give me a quick wake up call and lift me up out of those dark moments. I feel safe with those friends to express my insecurities. I feel supported. I also feel challenged by them because they give me the reality check I need to get out of the depth of the self sabotage hole.

But at the end of the day, my wish is for us all us collectively to be able to see ourselves just as the people closest to us do.
For us to celebrate our wins and accomplishments. To sit with them and choose to be happy for as long as the feeling persists before moving onto the next goal or “destination”.
As I sit here and think about the things I’m so proud of myself for doing – I remember the exact moment where the feeling of accomplishment rushed through my body.
I wish I celebrated them more. With myself and with others.

Journal it out.
What are you most proud of right now?
What do you look back on and say “wow I really did that?”
What have you overcome?

Celebrate your wins. Be proud of your accomplishments. Enjoy the journey because that’s where life lands.

Side note- I always wanted to be a cheerleader … and besides my little high school stint of being one – I want nothing more than to be the cheerleader of my own life as well as being the one on the sidelines cheering and clapping as YOU ALL are going after your dreams and smashing your goals.
Together this energy will create more ambition for us to go the distance in our own lives!

Celebrate your dreams.
Celebrate your goals.
Celebrate love.
Celebrate friendships.
Celebrate life.
Celebrate how far you’ve come.

These are the moments that make the climb worth the views.