What it means to me to be a Woman.

What does being a woman mean to me ?

We live in a world where feminism is now a movement that grows and expands every moment of the day.
We live in a world where woman have fought. Where they continue to fight for their rights.
We live in a world where woman outgrow stereotypes every day.
We live in a world where woman are using their voices.
We live in a world which has become a powerful place for woman to make powerful changes.

So what does being a woman mean to me?

To me being a woman is a privilege.
It’s a powerful role.
And not just because of the position we currently play- but because of what we have the ability to create and feel. Because of our past lineage that has brought us here today. Because of the effect we have on this world.

I am a woman who feels deeply.
I have a strong intuition.
I cry when I’m happy, sad, you name it!
I am soft and gentle and sometimes moody.

I am a woman who is a hard worker.
I am physically strong.
I can multitask, be independent, and get the job done.
I am brave and fierce and know what I want.

To me woman are powerful beings because of their ability to harness both masculine and feminine energy. Woman are both strong yet emotional. We are nurturing yet resilient.
We have this strength inside of us that literally gives us the power to birth new life!
I mean what is more inspiring than that ?!!

I want to celebrate how far we’ve come and the fact that we get to say how we feel. We are leading new pathways to little girls and boys around the world. We are showing men that having feelings and expressing them is okay. We’re opening up doors for a new era of humanity. We’re doing all of this JUST BY BEING WOMAN!
We are powerful.
Our ability to see the world through our eyes is a beautiful thing.

We have proven a lot through the years and will always continue to do this, but for now I am so beyond grateful for the life I get to to live as a woman.

I’m proud of my voice.
I’m proud of my feelings.
I’m proud of my heart and big emotions.
I’m proud of my independence and freedom.
I’m proud of every woman who has empowered other woman.
Who has listened and empathised with other woman.
Who has found the courage to walk beside one another during difficult times.
Who celebrate with each other.
Who compliment one another.

And I’m proud of every single man who has supported, cheered for, or encouraged every woman in their life to be exactly who they are. To speak their truth, to voice their opinions and step into their power.
For every man who has respected woman along this journey.
You are amazing!

I understand we still have a long way to go.
We still have a lot to share and to teach.
We still have a lot to learn as a society.

I do believe in what feminism stands for.
I believe in equality.
I believe in being a humanist.

So while we as woman are continuously fighting for equal pay and opportunities, respect and power over our bodies amongst many other things, I believe we need to hold space for men to learn and grow along side us. We need to give them the tools to support us. Tell them what we need by using our voice and to be patient with this whole process.

To me being a woman means standing up for what I believe in, using my voice to create a positive change. Sharing my passion with the world and allowing my emotions and feelings to act as a guide for where to go next.

To me it means being a leader for vulnerability and authenticity.
It means holding space for men to grow with us.
To encourage them to harness their feminine energy.
To express their feelings and emotions.
To show them it’s safe to do so.

To me being a woman is standing in our power and making powerful changes for the future generations of ALL genders.

Can you believe we’re here?
Another year celebrating how far we have come. Celebrating the changes we have already made. Celebrating a revolution.

You are NOT crazy.
You are NOT to much.
You are everything but.

Your mind is beautiful.
Your soul is brave.
Your body is strong.
Your voice is powerful.
You are enough.
You are deserving.
You are you and that’s exactly who you are meant to be.