Why Astrology?

A lot of people look at me like I have 6 heads and a sign on my forehead that says CRAZY.

But I’m learning to love this.

Astrology to me is a language. It incorporates numbers, words and symbols associated with the sky above us. Even further actually. Into the galaxy. Our universe.

I have always been fascinated with horoscopes and sun signs. I loved finding ‘Aquarius’ in all the magazines in the isle of the stores. I remember getting gifts throughout the years of books that were all about Aquarius or little bracelets and keychains. I even got a shirt once with all the signs on it from my friends – they did amazing I know 👏🏼

Astrology has become part of my life. It’s a language I’m learning to understand and a subject I am constantly seeking knowledge of. Learning about Astrology has actually helped me understand a lot of my emotions and behaviors. YES And other people’s as well 😏

Astrology is more than just horoscopes which may come as a surprise to some.

Astrology is deep. It’s a deep connection to our souls purpose and path in this lifetime.

Although I still love cheekily checking my horoscopes- now I understand that those can be surface level and astrology has the power to go much deeper.

I’m learning to love when people look at me like I have 6 heads. Like I’m a bit of a freak, or the best… when they ask me if I’m a ‘witch’.

When this happens I often smile and ask what their sun sign is.

The moment this happens it’s like they semi let me in when they tell me. I’m able to pass on my knowledge of that sign and talk about them and their personality for as long as they will let me. I love being able to go deep with people and Astrology has found a way to let that happen even with the people who think I’m “crazy”.

I love learning about Astrology because of its answers it provides to the world around us. Why things are happening globally can often be proven by what’s happening with the planets. Like the one we all know and love and has become the catch phrase of the century- MERCURY RETROGRADE!

This has made its way to social media and has become a phrase I hear more and more in person to person interactions. (I secretly love it)

When the planets retrograde we feel it down here on earth. And in this case with Mercury- it’s all about communication and in today’s day and age TECHNOLOGY is the prime source of our communication, SO YES! We’re bound to feel this.

I love being able to use Astrology as a way of connecting to people. We all have a birth chart, we all have the 12 signs within us at some degree or another, and we all have a destiny and story that Astrology can tell.

It’s beautiful to know that we are connected through something larger than us and here is this tool that originated long ago to help us see and use this.

I understand that Astrology doesn’t make everyone’s heart skip a beat BUT for me it does. My soul feels in alignment when I learn and listen to Astro casts. My brain expands with awareness and new consciousness. I see the world in a different way. I see us all in a different way.

Now – in no way do I claim to be an Astrologer but man oh man one day that would be a dream come true.

If there’s anything I could pass on to people who question the power of the planets and stars… I’ll leave you with this, the moon controls the tides of the ocean- pulling the tides to low during a new moon and pulling them higher on a full moon. We as humans are made up of a majority of water. If the moon controls the oceans tides – why wouldn’t it effect us?

After all… it’s written in the stars.