Dear, Relationships

“A wise person knows there is something to be learned from everyone.”

⁃ unknown

Today as I sit and write this blog, I feel an overflow of unconditional love flowing through me. It’s effortlessly oozing out of my heart. Being so in the moment of feeling, that it rushes through me making me light up. Bringing a smile to my face and my heart so full tears stream from my eyes.

The months sky (Astro talk) has lit up all the relationship aspects in our lives.
We’ve been shown where things need to be in better balance. Where we need to connect deeper. Where we need to hold space.
It showed us the beauty already within our relationships. Our partnerships. And of course with ourselves.

We walked through a door of two full moons in Libra. We went from the beginning to end in 30 days. We were shown were our scales were balanced. Where we needed to rebalance.

They teach us EVERYTHING.
They become our mirrors. Our points of reference.
They show us emotions we didn’t know were possible to feel. They break us open to feel.
Every relationship is a teacher. A mirror into our soul.

My heart has been craving community. It’s been craving deep vulnerability within connections with friends and family. It’s been craving the other person who I want to create a new life with.

The past month has highlighted the work I’ve done. The exploring I’ve done of myself. How I’ve cultivated a relationship I love with me. It made me take a deeper look at the people who came along for the ride while I took my time selfishly discovering who I was. Soul searching for meaning.

They were there all along. They taught me things my heart feels immense gratitude for.

Every waking moment of connection served me in every aspect while trying to “find myself”.

Relationships have taught me things being on my own never could.

The past two years I’ve gone inside. I’ve internally dug through layers. Old wounds resurfaced all reflecting myself and past relationships in my life.

I took the time to dive in and repair my heart from hurts. I even took the time and courageously forgave myself for things I’ve done in relationships I’m not proud of. Things I wish I did better.

I took the time to break open my heart, repair it, so that I could learn to love again.
Love every single person who enters my life.
Who’s soul crosses paths with mine.
So I can see them as a mirror. A teacher. A lesson. A soulmate.

As I write this I see all of you. All of you who have been in a relationship with me. Romantic, friendship, family, co workers, connections abroad, strangers, my closest allies. All of you.

You are the ones who made it possible to get through some of the darkest and lightest times.

Thank you for choosing me.
Thank you for your lessons of a lifetime.

Relationships come into our lives at the perfect timings.
They are the medicine our hearts need.
Wether it be for a reason, season or a lifetime. They are our biggest teachers.
Our connection to deeper understanding to ourselves and the world around us.

As we sit back and take inventory on the people who walked into our lives. Who’s karmic paths crossed with ours- we can hold space to love them with pure unconditional love. Love for EVERY SINGLE thing they showed to us.

I learned during this past month that I have officially cleared my heart. I’ve released all the old ties. I’ve stepped into the role of being an active participant in relationships. Understanding from a higher perspective of consciousness that there will always be things to learn from those around us.

It’s a constant learning curve.
It’s a beautiful classroom.
It’s here to be explored.

As I’m at the end of this chapter in my life. I send gratitude to every single relationship that’s ever existed in my life.

Every heart break.
Every uncontrollable laugh.
Every adventure.
Every hug.
Every smile.
Every time I needed support.
Every time I felt loved.
I send my gratitude to you.
You came along for the ride and held space for my growth. You helped me get here.

Thank you for being my teacher.
My lesson.
My mirror.
My soulmate.