You are shifting.
You are moving into a bigger place.
Into a position you haven’t played.
But don’t worry- you’ve been preparing for this. You’ve been co creating this change. And your ready for it.

The moment has come when you face the change. You decide in that moment if you take a step backward or forward.

I’m here to tell you that the only way to grow, to change and to be fully the highest version of you – is to make the choice to shift. To take the step forward and trust that whatever the next step is in front of will guide you in the right direction.

Your job is to grow within a purpose and passion so much bigger than you’ve ever imagined. That’s what shifting is all about.
Shifting lights you up from the inside out.
It takes time and patience.
It takes an unbelievable amount of grit.
Like holding on gripping the bars of a roller coaster. Your excited and are engrossed in the experience but your gripping, holding on tight because of the nerves and unknown of what’s next.

This is shifting.

When we step into transition periods of our lives many things start to occur.
We are met with times between places of what was and what has yet to take place.
The in between. The in between becomes the area of shift because we’re asked to look at old patterns and beliefs that no longer serve us. We are asked to decide if we want to continue to work in those ways or choose a new way. A way that works more efficiently and in alignment with the new person we’ve come to be.
The tests are constant.
The universe/ creator wants to know that you are willing to do what it takes to be the person you have said you want to be.
Fear and ego or abundance and surrender.
Comfortability or expansion.
Stagnant or growth.

You get to decide.

In these moments we choose which path we’re going to take. One foot in front of the other often scared and feeling some sort of chemical reaction inside of us setting off our fight or flight.
There’s so much beauty within this.

As we shift in our own lives we also shift on a global collective level. We change with the tides of the ocean and just like the phases of the moon. We adjust, evolve and breakthrough new limits. We meet people who inspire us and cause us to want to grow and become better versions of ourselves literally every single day.
We shift together and separately.
This is evolution.

So what happens to you when your read the word shift? What feelings arise in your body?

Do you feel excited? Maybe your heart beats faster and you feel unsure but also so intrigued. Do your palms feel sweaty? Are you anxious? Maybe it’s both anxious and excitement mixed into one.

As we shift spiritually, emotionally and mentally- our bodies need to as well. This actually can take more time. It takes some time to catch up, to be in the same place externally as internally.

Sometimes foods we once ate will no longer agree or work for us. Sometimes workouts that once served our bodies will no longer feel like they give us what we need. And sometimes we need more sleep- or vis versa, less sleep.

Shifting gives us a chance to really listen to our bodies, our beings and allow it to tell us what it needs during this transitional period.

I know, I know – sounds so much easier said than done… especially in our crazy go go go world around us. HOW THE HECK CAN I SLEEP MORE when I have a million things I want to do to get me to that goal, to the carrot at the end. I’m so close – why would I rest. It’s all part of shifting. Listen to the changes your body is telling you it needs because it’s for the UPDATED version of you- not the old one.

Another part of up leveling is loss. Loss of certain places, people and things who were once part of your path that made you feel so at ease. So good and so fulfilled.
Or maybe they weren’t good for you and you held on to them for dear life because YOU HOO you chose comfort over your self worth and growth …. oh ya been there 🙋🏽‍♀️

And then the universe comes along and says “uhhh nuh uh sweetie, you deserve better than this and YOU DID NOT SIGN UP for comfort.” Then throws you some crazy things to throw you off and make you switch course. (Sound familiar?)

As you shift you say goodbye to all things that are no longer in alignment with who you are becoming. It can be incredibly sad. Like how can we love someone so much and then they become a stranger. Or how can a place be home and then one day it’s like a far away town your completely disconnected from?
This is shifting.

In the midst of the goodbyes and closing of doors. You also find the gems. The little golden nuggets that help you to see the magic of this time in your life.

You end up in new arenas meeting new people who are expanding your subconscious mind to help you believe you can have this life, just as they do.
Going from Big fish little pond, to little fish big pond – is scary and intimidating. By doing this you decide that you value your own growth. I don’t know what’s more bravely beautiful than that.

Finally, I just want to say that as you shift it’s important to be kind to yourself. To show gratitude and appreciation for all the amazing places you’ve been. The hurtles you’ve jumped that have got you to where you are. To the people who taught you who were all part of the plan to inspire your growth.

You put in the work to change and you didn’t stay small. Even when you definitely wanted to. That’s bravery. That’s putting yourself in a vulnerable state. That’s showing up for yourself and taking risks to live your best authentic life. That’s you shifting.

Show yourself love and compassion.
These times are beautifully uncomfortable.

Shifting is the place where your in between.
When you find yourself in a state of not knowing what comes next and closing the door to the past. It’s waiting for the new doors to open while you appreciate all the ones that have just closed.
It’s stepping out into the world as a beginner. As a new character in your life – which you haven’t played before.
It’s about embracing the life before you even though it’s a little unclear.

When you’re shifting you know miracles are about to happen.
So take the leap.
You’re ready for greatness.

Xo, Courtney