“I’ll love you forever, I’ll like you for always.”

Mummy, Mommy, Mama, Mom, Mum,
The selfless. The warriors. The multitaskers.
Your label is more than just a label.
It’s a word with beauty, power and grace.

A position in this life that requires you to give all you have. To nurture with all your heart, and to love as unconditional as possible.

You’re here to help us evolve and grow.
You’re here to take on the biggest job of your life.

Today is the day that we celebrate mother’s. Mothers across the world who have helped us grow. Who raised us and who shaped us into the humans we are today.

Mamas are beautiful human beings.
The woman’s body is a remarkable machine.
Mamas grow us. They give us life.

While writing this I looked up the definition of ‘Mother’. Google so helpfully stated that it’s defined as the female parent. ‘The relationship to her child or children.’

However now in our world we see that there are many different forms of mothers. Not only just the one who gives birth.

Google also gave an example… “to bring up a child with love and affection.”
This to me resonates way more as a definition.

Mothers are people who decide to raise a child, an animal, a living thing. They nurture it and give it their time and space. They choose to help this thing (human or not) grow and grow until its old enough to flee the nest…. and even then- they are always still mothers.

There are so many different versions of what this looks like now in our society. And it’s a beautiful thing to recognise.

I think the person who takes on the role as a Mother is the one we celebrate today.
The one who we show our love and respect for.
Mamas are kind, caring and compassionate.

They are our protectors. They are our role models and guiding lights on dark days. They shelter us from the rain and teach us to look for rainbows. They wipe our tears and mend our broken hearts. They teach us to get up when we fall down and always begin again.

The older I get the more I understand.
YES MOM- you were right.

Day in and day out I see children with their families. I see the moms come to pick up their kids. I see the look on the child’s face when Mom’s at the door. I see the look of excitement in their little eyes.
I understand that that feeling must make a Mother’s heart melt.
I understand now that as we children get older and search for our independence and that slowly fades away, it must also make a Mother’s heart melt in a completely different way.

Mamas, your job is to raise us to be these fierce independent kind humans. But we tend to put you through the ringer on the way to that goal.

Because you are the safe place. You are the safe place to land with our heavy emotions and feelings we can’t explain. You are the one who gets it all. You bare the heaviness of our hearts when things are hard. And you have to lead us through that. We put you through the ringer when we grow and our hormones are all over the place. When we test the limits and see what we can get away with. We put it on you.

Mamas, your job isn’t easy. I’m sure no one said it would be. But you did it. You did it knowing it would be tough. You’re doing it even when it’s tough.
And for that we thank you.

So with this post I want to reach all the humans who are Mothers. I want every single Mom to feel special today. I want you to know that no matter your label you deserve to be celebrated.

Wether you are a birth mom, an adoptive mom, an expecting mom, a step mom, a grandmom, a dad being both dad and mom, an aunt who’s a mom. Whoever you are, know that the role you are playing in that child’s life is a very important one. And if they can’t say it yet, know they will one day. Because one day it will come full circle and they will realise that all you have done for them has shaped them into who they are. They will realise you did the best you could with what you had. They will realise how hard it was for you somedays. They will realise all you have done for them. I promise.

For me. I get two.
I get two Mother roles in my life.
I get two people who want to love and support me through this life.

As a 28 year old now, I see the beauty in this. It’s abundant. It makes me happy. And it ultimately makes me a better person.

Step parents have a hard role. They come in at different times and have to learn who the child is and how to fit into their life.
But they choose this. Just as a mom chooses to have a baby. They choose to give love and affection to a child who they didn’t birth. That’s a mother.

So to my step- mom and all step mamas out there…
Thank you for choosing us. Thank you for deciding to love not only our parent but us. Thank you for teaching us different ways of life. Thank you for showing us new ways of doing things. Thank you for being another adult figure in our lives to learn and grow from. Thank you for accepting us as we are.
Your love never goes unnoticed.

Lastly to my Mama Bear,
From helping me learn to walk, tie my shoes, talk to a boy on the phone, holding me when my heart was broken to bravely watching me leave the nest and let my wings take me to places around this big world. You are selfless. You always put us first. You taught us to always be ourselves and to follow our dreams.

Thank you for raising me to be strong and independent. Thank you for having patience with me on the hard hard days. Thank you for sharing me with so many people when I was little. Thank you for being friends with my step mom. Thank you for raising two beautiful humans.

I can only hope that one day when I give birth to that little tiny human who will make me a Mama, I will be just as nurturing and loving as you were to us.

When that day comes I’m sure I’ll look at you and say “how am I going to do this?” And you’ll be there every step of the way.

Happy Mothers Day to all you amazing Mamas out there. Enjoy every minute.

I’ll love you forever, I’ll like you for always
As long as I’m living
My mommy you’ll be
⁃ Robert Munch