Trusting in the Transition.

We’re at a time of change.
At a time of massive explosive energy spreading like wildfire through the wholeness of our world.
We are finding ourselves somewhere between what was and what’s coming to us.

We as humanity are being dealt choices. Choice that comes in fast. In wave lengths bigger and more connected than ever before. We’re given these choices as an invitation to choose growth over comfort.
Choices to extended our abilities in ways we’ve never experienced.


Transition comes with transformation.
It comes with shifting of energy within us therefore implementing radical change outside of us.

When we transform our world inside, the patterns inside of us- they ripple out into our outer world.

This is our transition.
This is our transformation.

It feels overwhelming but also so moving.
It feels exciting. Like Christmas morning for your wildest dreams. It’s like the coming out of darkness and fully stepping into the light of your heart.

As we move through life and the cycles were in, we transition. We grow and we find more of ourselves. This time comes with so much uncertainty.

Maybe because we are not yet the person whom we know we are becoming.
Maybe because we’re no longer the person who once was.
Maybe because we don’t have the answers. It’s all part of the big picture transformation.

My transitions often feel fuelled by anxious thoughts but so much desire to create new. I often feel my heart beat out of my chest from the moments leading up to the decision to change all the way through to the other side. When it starts to feel slightly more comfortable I shift into less adrenaline and embrace the change.

My knowing of when the transition is about to happen comes from slight nudges from what I like to call The Universe.
The breadcrumbs appear and I start to realise that these are my steps into the direction of my transformation.
More times than not I have to receive this guidance a few too many times.

When I finally understand that the time has come, small choices present themselves. These are my invitations to accept or deny my growth.

This has taken practice. It takes trusting myself on a whole new level. It takes complete surrender.
I never know the next step until it’s the right time. Even with a plan- which often changes, I’m never given more answers than what I know what to do with.

Maybe this is what makes the transition so scary?

How am I suppose to leap when I don’t know for sure there will be a net to catch me?
How do I trust enough?

Then just like that the overwhelm kicks in.
The Ego tries to hijack all plans of forward motion. We get stuck. I get stuck.
I find myself second guessing the decision to choose growth, my decision to catapult my life forward.

Comparison shows up.
“I can’t do this” dances through my mind.
Imposter syndrome plays into every idea I have.

But I’m learning to stop.
To stop and breathe.
Breathe through the times where I don’t know what’s next.

Understand that in the face of uncertainty I’m being given an opportunity to TRUST. To acknowledge that it’s going to be hard- the not knowing, the movement. But knowing deep within that I have the power to create my own transformation all while being divinely guided and supported.

It’s all in the surrender.

So how do we move forward in this massive time of change globally?
How do we impact the world with the transformation we have created within?
How do we transition out of the old world ways of doing things?
How is this transition possible?

It’s in the surrender.

We listen to our hearts. We open them and in complete wholeness embrace the feelings from within. We trust that they are guiding us through into our next day, week, year.
We support one another by empathising.
Seeing and hearing one another.

We trust in our transition which in turn encourages others to trust in their own.

We trust that what we’re being given is the key to the transformation.

Follow your guidance.
Transition is calling.

Xo Courtney