Happy Place.

This is my happy place.

The place I go to in my mind when things get sticky and feel overwhelming.
This is the place I go to when I feel I need a reset. Space to breathe and be.
This is the place I think of in moments of reflection upon solitude with myself.
This is the place that I revisit when I feel like I need to come back home to myself.

Having a happy place is a beautiful thing. It’s a memory. Part of our timeline.

Holding this special gift within us gives us the ability to tune into it in any given moment and breathe. It gives us space to lighten the load and the burdens we are carrying.

I have a handful of memories I go to and when I do my senses are heightened. The feelings, small, tastes and emotions run through my body just as if I were there again. I can remember every feeling. Every thought and every inch of gratitude I experienced.

We go here to learn.
We go here to be.
We go here to connect.

My happy place looks a little like this.

An ocean that goes on for what feels like eternity. A beach that goes for miles. The sand is soft just like the breeze. It smells like summer and ocean air. It feels free.

I’m there by myself sitting on the beach, soaking it all in.

I feel free.
I feel proud of myself.
I feel pure content and happiness.
I feel connected to my heart.
I feel alignment like never before.
I feel ready to take on the world.

I searched for this happy place for a really long time. I went through spaces and places that reflected parts of me I had to learn from. I lost myself in the process. Only to find myself sitting in a moment filled with these beautiful things reminding me of who I truly am.

The first time I experienced this particular happy place was in Airlie Beach. It was the moment I knew that everything was about to change. Like the hardest part was over. Like I could breathe again. I was there. I had made it and now I hold this forever in my heart, mind and soul.

Having a happy place is a good thing.

But how do we find it if we’ve never been there?
It lives in the simple moments.
The moments you wouldn’t expect.
The ones that come as a surprise.
They are the places your soul aches for.

So where’s your happy place?

I’ve learned that my happy places are snapshots. Those moments where you feel so at peace. So within. So present.

I found this on top of a mountain when I was on top of 7th heaven riding my snowboard along side my best friends.

I found it looking out a window to snow covered mountains in a place I never imagined I would live.

I found it standing in front of children in Costa Rica as they clapped and thanked us for our contribution to their community.

I found it on a balcony on a beautiful island talking with girlfriends.

I found it running beside hundreds of people.

I found it looking out at my parents as I walked across a stage to receive my diploma.

There will always be happy places we can return to. When we allow ourselves to feel so engrossed in the emotions we feel as these moments take place- they become our destination of a happy place memory. They become the snapshots our brain will store for the days we need them.

They are a gift.

How beautiful to know that we remember the past. That we can have memories to reflect on. We can remember the smells and they beauty that rides along side them.

How beautiful to know that there are always more happy places to be explored. To be shown in our lives. To be lived.

A happy place is unique to you.

So close your eyes and dream.
Visualise it.
Allow your third eye to open and see beyond your physical reality.