Take the Risk.

Take the risk.
Jump in head first.
Look straight into the fire with desire. With hope. With faith. With trust in yourself that this is next step to take.

Take the risk.

Close your eyes. Imagine two doors in front of you. One path leads you toward a door that is closed its dark on this path. The lights are out. The other path is bright. The door is open and there are flowers gleaming and birds chirping. The breeze is fresh. It’s luring you in. Which door do you choose? Which path do you decide to take?

The answer to this question may seem easy.

How many of us would choose to walk the path with the open door? I know I would in theory say yes…. but what about this.

What if the door that was closed and the lights were out was in fact your most recent past. Where you are comfortable. Where you’ve lived. What if the lights are out because there’s nothing left here to brighten you. To help you grow. You’ve done all you can behind that door. But it’s familiar.

How many times do we know that the door that’s bright, bold, open and beautiful is the door we are meant to choose. The door that excites us but scares us all at once. Because we’ve never actually experienced what’s behind that door we freeze. And we consider going back to the door of comfort. Even though the light is out.

How many times do we do this?

How many times do we choose to stay in the dark? In the place of comfort even when it’s dark and we’re unhappy?

It’s tempting to stay. It’s scary to risk.

In my 28 years here on this earth I’ve faced this countless times. I’ve ran away. I’ve chosen flight vs fight. I’ve allowed my fear to be the ruler and my ego to be the driver.


There’s a reason it’s called a risk.
Because it may work out OR it may not.

But here’s my theory.

When we tune into our intuition. When we listen to our heart and let that be the guide for where we go next- we are able to risk with some sort of comfort. The comfort is surrender. The surrender is the knowing within you that there is something worth taking the risk.

The risk means taking action on the vision you hold for yourself all while not actually having evidence that it’s going to work out in your favour.

That’s bravery. That’s vulnerability. That’s trusting in your power. That’s being a human who has self worth. That’s being authentically you. That’s Bravely Beautiful.

So what’s the risk that’s presenting itself to you right now?

One of my favourite quotes is “Do it Scared.”

Because realistically, you’re going to have discomfort. You’re going to have fear present it self. You’re going to be thrown off balance for a hot minute. BUT you’ll do it!

You’ll end up risking and something even more amazing will appear. Something you never even imagined would appear.

Tell that person you love them.
Slide into their DM!
Allow yourself to be FULLY seen and heard.
Apply for that job.
Run that marathon.
Start your own business.
Tell your story.

When you step into the position of taking a Risk, you show the world- the universe that you are ready for the life you’ve asked for. You show that you’re willing to risk for your dreams.

The biggest risk you’ll ever take is the one that will FOREVER change your life. Regardless if it works out the way you think. Theres always a plan. A plan within that risk which will guide you down the right direction already meant for you.

I know what mine is…. let’s go, let’s jump in together.

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