The in between.

The in between.
The place of not yet and no longer.
The area of grey residual standing.

Where we aren’t what we were and we aren’t what we are yet going to be.

The place of end and beginning.

We as a collective have gone through a massive shift. Where time has essentially felt like it’s gone so fast – yet stood still at the same time.

Through this energy we grow.

We let go. And we wait for the new dreams to show us their faces. To show up in our physical world instead of just dreaming about them. We wait for their arrival.

But here’s the thing… we have to wait. We have to wait in this place of weirdness.

Yes– I just said weirdness.

Because it’s true. The weirdness is the space of the not yet and no longer… the in between. When we finally reach this point it means we’ve said goodbye and kicked the old out the door. And then we stand there fully ready waiting for our ships to come in. But then it’s like we’re standing there looking at our watches, tapping our foot, and peering out down the street to see if our package is coming.

That’s the in between.

Ughhh the in between.

For the generation who has the answers at their fingertips and dreams to manifest and a world to change… this is the hard part. AND I do think, actually I do believe this is where we can take a major lesson from the generations before.

What’s the lesson you ask?

Well I don’t know about you but I want to know HOW THE HECK I can be okay with the “in between”.

So if I had to guess- I think the lesson is this.

Use this time as a gift. A gift to be present. To stay present. To be so engrossed in what’s going on in the current moment placed in front of you. To not worry about the future. To not agonize over the past. But to sit still in the present and literally let it be open as a gift to you from the universe.

Being in between is never easy. But no one ever told us that life was going to be easy…. in fact they told me the exact opposite. I was always told that life is hard. It’s going to give you many bumps to go over. It’s going to hand you some pretty shitty situations – but you’ll get through them. I’ve also learned on my own that through all those bumps and shitty times that those were the moments that got me to my in between. They steered me straight into the waiting period. Where I could put my feet up, relax, watch some Netflix shows and just straight up be.

In today’s world – those are gifts. The present moment is a gift.

Being in between teaches us how to let go and how to surrender. It allows us to be excited for the unknown headed our way. It opens our mind. It plays a huge role in setting our soul on fire and it ultimately helps us to grow into that higher version of ourselves we keep talking about.

The in between created space for the new story to be told. For the new to unfold.

The in between is where life meets us. It’s the steadiness and calm water. It’s where we sit patiently looking out at a beautiful sunrise or sunset. Feel nostalgia run through our bones and hope and faith light is up from the inside out.

The in between is a beautiful space in a season of time.

This is the time where you are given a permission slip to be still. To reflect. To remember who you are. To come back home to yourself.

Where we get to play and just let time itself stand still. To not push forward, to not fall back. But to be. To be in the moment that you are given.

There’s a message here for you. For you to discover all on your own. When you are in the in between you will find something that was hidden, it was covered up and all of a sudden clarity will strike – you’ll feel it, you’ll understand what this moment is for.

Be in the in between, you’ll get where you’re going soon enough. Stop and smell the roses for once- you might even find a diamond in the ruff.

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