WTF just happened ? 5 takeaways from Eclipse, Retrograde & Cancer Season.

Can you say ECLIPSED ?

‘Tis the season of Eclipses, Retrogrades, and the watery season of feelings.

The breakdown all to bring the breakthrough… right?

July was insane – for lack of a better word. It felt like an intensity of push and pull mixed in with sprinkles dabbled here and there just to give us hope and faith that our dreams ARE in fact working out.

Not only have I let everything go, I’ve called in some pretty big manifestations into my existence. Like I said- they haven’t fully shown up… but those little sprinkles that’s the bits and pieces that I can see are coming to the forefront of my reality.


What even are they?

Energetically speaking Eclipses quite literally eclipse things out of and into our lives. They are so potent in changing the dynamic or course of our life. It’s different for everyone but personally for me – mine was about home, love and money.

… like I said ITS BEEN INSANE!

I’m currently still navigating through all of what came up. The ups and downs that I have experienced in the past four weeks have been a wild ride.

We all have felt this energy in some form or another. Wether it be something inside of you like a pattern or belief coming up to be let go of or something in your actual environment that comes in or goes out of your life. Eclipses are big.

When we choose to work and align with this energy it can be incredibly uncomfortable BUT so rewarding.

Here are 5 things I did during the Eclipse Season that kept me somewhat SANE:


This is super cliche BUT SO TRUE in every single way possible.

I felt the build up of what I needed to let go of a few months before. Basically it forced me to look at it very bluntly by triggering my thoughts and emotions regularly. I knew I had two choice.

To choose between a) run away from my fear or b) run into my fear.

With a big loud (insert swear word here) I knew EXACTLY what I had to do.

… this is what happens when you start a blog called “bravely beautiful” I guess 🙄

I practiced what I preached and just went for it.

I said goodbye to my home without a new place to move into. Although I was given an opportunity to house sit for the month of July…. that was my way out/ step in the right direction.

I surrendered all my visions of relationships, what my home would be like and where, and all my EXPECTATIONS.

( so far – I think it’s working 👍🏻)


Hey ! It’s down right terrifying to move into a house you don’t know. To look after animals you don’t know( especially for a person who’s never had pets). It’s scary to jump without a net. It’s scary to be vulnerable and open about yourself to new people. But I did it! And MAN it felt/ feels so unbelievably good.


I kept hearing this message saying “you never know who you’ll meet”. Clearly I had no idea what this meant – but I just started saying yes to things coming my way. New collaboration opportunities. New people. New adventures. New places. Everything new that popped up if it felt good in my body… I said YES!

Side note: I’m still working on saying NO to the things that make me feel energetically drained. Or just don’t light me up. It’s hard to let these go when on some level you still feel like you need them. It’s a work in progress for moi 🙋🏽‍♀️

4. WROTE, FELT and CHANNELED feelings.

Dang. The feels.

Good thing I literally would do anything to talk about feelings and emotions all day every day….. until it feels so uncomfortable in my body that I want to throw up and or grab chocolate or a bottle of wine ( DONT WORRY – I didn’t get the wine… still on the sober train. More about this in a later blog)

I just wrote. I felt it all. I tried not to suppress. AND I even surrounded myself in a place under the moon where I got to channel things my soul loves for brand new people. And it was amazing.

I moved my body in different ways. I wanted to do slower workouts some days.. so I did. I just listened to what I needed.


Finally. The last eclipse of the Summer I attended MY FAVOURITE event in Vancouver called ‘The Ritual’. This is an event that happens once a month on the full moons.
It includes meditation, manifestation, Astro talk, and Reiki healing. My heart melts every time I go.

Giulia the founder of Brazen Soul Rebellion hosts this event and needless to say I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT HER!

She is a woman who is shining so brightly in her divine purpose and I feel SO EMPOWERED every time I attend.

The Reiki she does in the group has been life changing for me. My body literally does shake and move things out of me when I’m there. MY ARMS ACTUALLY lifted so fast during a session. Just like a shake out.

Going to this makes me feel home.
Makes me feel accepted and alive.
Makes me find balance and beauty in my ride of life.
I feel safe when I’m there.

Now what you may ask?

Well the eclipses are over, Mercury is direct, and we’re in Leo Season. (click here for Leo season blog). It’s time to integrate and keep on shaking out those things you’ve let go of.

I’m still doing this and it’s a bit of an uncomfortable process but I know that on the other side something magical is waiting for me to meet it there.

Mantra :

‘My dreams need me.
I deserve the life that I’ve been calling in and I’m more than ready to clear out the past to create new beginnings that are aligned with my soul.

Welcome the new beginnings lovely’s.
They are here for you to enjoy.

New cycles.
New changes.
New beginnings.
They are yours to discover.
(can take the girl out of Ontario.. but 😬)

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