Life comes with Ebs and flow.
The ups the downs.
The transitions.

The moments of pure bliss.

We are humans experiencing this world in different yet similar ways.

We all experience a rainbow of emotions. We feel highs and we feel lows.

This is part of being human.

Being a human who has this power is incredible. I truly believe that our emotions are our compass. They tell us what we need to know. They show us things that we couldn’t see without them. It’s an internal alarm clock.

Emotions are beautiful.
They are becoming more accepted.
Understood more.
And ready to be explored.
Here’s the thing.

Uncomfortable emotions stir up a lot.

And unfortunately we live in a world that’s told us previously that that’s not okay.

When an emotion that’s negative comes to the surface HIDE IT. Tuck it away.
Numb it out.
Now we are learning to rewrite this narrative.

In order to heal. In order to rewrite these stories- we need to feel.

Feel the emotion and let it be there.
Let it pass. Let it sit there as uncomfortable or as exhilarating as
it may feel. Feel it. Let it go.
This too shall pass.

But what happens when we get stuck.

Stuck in that emotion. The motion of being in the lows because we’ve experienced so many of them at once. What do we do when we can’t get out? When we can’t get out of that place.

There’s this phrase that states
“ raise your vibration.”
Or “raise your frequency.

This is very law of attraction like for anyone who follows that type of manifestation journey.

But there is also A LOT of validity to it.

When we are in a funk. A lull.
The depths of our soul.
It can be incredibly hard to get out.
To get back to ourselves.
To find happiness.

To know that we deserve to feel good again.

This is where learning how to #RAISEYOURVIBE is super duper helpful. (remember- this takes a TON of practice. It’s not linear. Somethings are harder to get past than others. All our journeys are different.)

Here are 5 ways I’ve learned how to raise my Vibration:


Move my body. Let it out. Shake. Move. Dance. Yoga. Headstands. Summersaults.

Running. Walking. Playing with kids. Lifting weights. Ball slams. Assault bikes.

Whatever the moment is- when you move your body you are literally moving the emotions within you. Letting them be felt. Letting them be free. (can not tell you how many times I’ve cried at yoga and or on the treadmill at the gym – and not because it was hard 😬)


Put on your favourite song. OR put on a song that matches your feelings. YUP MATCHES. That means if you are sad then put on your fave 90’s slow jam that you played when you were heartbroken all so those FEELS CAN COME OUT. And when you’re ready…. switch it up.

Change the mood. Put on that song that just gets you into the DANCING mood.

Personally I like anything 90s- 2000s.

When you can dance around your kitchen singing into a spoon YOU ARE RAISING YOUR VIBRATION!


Cry when your happy. Cry when your sad.
Cry when your grateful.
Cry when your mad.

CRYING IS THE BEST.… and you should have absolutely ZERO shame about crying. It doesn’t make you a cry baby. It makes you human.

And if anyone tells you this – cry louder 😏
Okay maybe not… BUT what I’ve come to learn is that humans have been raised to see crying as something is very wrong.

If we cry in front of someone that means something really bad and we feel the need to make them feel better right then and there. This makes some people VERY uncomfortable. But that’s on them NOT YOU. YOU DO YOU!
Crying is cleansing.
So let yourself go there if you feel like it!


Get deep. Write it out. Let go of the need to be perfect and just whatever comes let it. Spelling – let it go out the door. Rage, swear, break the pencil. And then get yourself a new one.

Once you’ve felt your feelings a great way to raise your frequency is to journal about what you are grateful for.

This can be tough some days. And at some points in our lives it’s WAY harder to come up with even one gratitude when the world feels like it’s shitting on you.

BUT this is great medicine. Start with one. And everyday add one more.
It will get easier. ( I can tell you this first hand)
Something even be as simple as- I got out of bed today.


Ahhh. Meditation.
The key. Well at least I hear it is.
This is one that I am constantly working on. It was so hard for me a few years ago to even fathom the thought of sitting still.

But what I’ve come to learn is that by going into a meditation even 2-3 minutes changes my mood. It changes my reaction to things. And changes how I view what’s going on around me.

It takes a lot of practice and it’s something I continue to try and work with.

Some days you’ll fall asleep- and that’s okay. Some days you’ll uncover subconscious things you didn’t even know where there. Some days you’ll count your breath and be thankful for those few minutes alone on your mat.
Oh and…. I’m adding 1 more because #rebel 🙋🏽‍♀️


In case you needed the permission slip – here it is. One of the most effective ways to change your vibration is to play!

Play. Yup I said it.
Get out there and explore.
Be silly. Use your imagination.

Our inner child within really needs to have the space to be heard and seen.

When we are kids we are naturals when it comes to leading with the heart and being in our fullest expression of joy.
When we allow ourselves to play we open up for expansion. For things to flow to us in more of a natural state then the “grind” or “hustle” ( fun fact- I hate that word). Laughter is literally the best medicine.

It reminds us how good it feels to enjoy the present moment. To love. To be with ourselves. To be with those we love. So play. In anyway. Just play!

Remember that you are the one responsible for your vibration.

Others will come in and trigger you – this is for your growth. Others will test your patience- that’s for your growth.

Others will be there to support you- that’s for your growth.

But at the end of the day the only person who is responsible for raising your frequency is you.

You are responsible for this.
It’s no one else’s job to raise your vibration.
Cultivate your own toolbox.
Allow others to support you without abandoning yourself.

Raising your vibe attracts not only your soul tribe but many experiences that will match that frequency. So the more conscious effort you put in to raising it- the more you will start to see the universe working to meet you half way.

Trust the process as messy as it is.
And always believe something magical is about to happen.

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