5 lessons MOVING taught me.

This summer was a whirlwind.

With the Eclipses in full effect my life changed direction in what felt like a split second.

The first half of this year I felt this pressure start building. I wanted to move.

I felt disconnected from my old home.
I needed a new space to expand into.

Things started to happen to propel me forward on this path. And may I add some completely out of my control (what I like to call nudges from the universe).

I started to recognize these things pop up and it started to grow louder and louder that my soul needed to move.

I NEEDED to move.

So the first step appeared as a fork in the road. Did I say yes to this opportunity that was completely out of my comfort zone OR choose to hold on to what I knew.

With lots of thought, back and forth consideration of where these paths may lead. I JUMPED! I took the new path. The one i’d never taken before… and although it wasn’t always easy DOORS starting to swing wide open.

For those of you who don’t know, I live in Vancouver. I was living downtown for 3 years. The noise and space I outgrew.

And I was CRAVING living alone.

An opportunity to house sit/ animal sit came up for the month of July.

Side note: I’ve never watched animals before in my life and NO never had pets.

SO THIS WAS OUT OF MY COMFORT ZONE. I was scared because if I did this, I was letting go of my house downtown too. It was ALL or NOTHING.

So I did it.

I leaped. No net. No for sure that I’d find a place to live come August 1st.

Just good old trust in my intuition.

( call me crazy I don’t know 🤷🏽‍♀️ )

Once I did this the doors started to open.

I knew I wanted to live alone, I had a vision and was attempting to manifest EXACTLY what I wanted. There were choices but none that I loved. FINALLY one popped up right away, I emailed and bam I had a showing the next weekend.

I saw this place with 4 other people.

No way did I think I was getting it.

NOT EVEN an hour later on my way to a camp trip- I got the call! I got the place!!!!!!

Ps. There is so many other details about how all this went down and the roller coaster highs and Lows I rode through JULY BUT to keep it simple … here’s the top 5 things I learned about MOVING:

1. YOUR PROBABLY going to loose your mind at least once.

Couldn’t be farther from the truth. I literally felt like my life was all over the place. My stuff was in storage, I was living out of suitcases, I was in someone else’s house and now learning about animals.

Ya YOU COULD SAY I lost my mind a bit.

But man, I learned that having friends and family who support you and hear you on those days of breakdown LITERALLY will give you the energy to pick yourself up, dust it off and remind you that this is suppose to be fun. That you can and will do this.


Okay so what I mean by this one is ACTUALLY learn how to accept help.

I have moved many many many times and majority of the time I did it all alone. Let me tell you – the amount of trips you take alone vs with others BLEW MY MIND.

This was and is a huge lesson for me.

I was happy and willing to do it alone, but I had people who wanted to help.

Who cared enough to take time out of their day and experience this massive moment in my life with me.

I mean I was moving into my OWN PLACE…. Their help I’ll forever be grateful for.

OH and ps. Ikea furniture literally says 2 people job FYI. It may have taken me 5 hours to put together my bed. Luckily I had help for the other stuff 😅

3. LET IT BE A MESS aka let go of control.

When everything is everywhere and you look around and feel overwhelmed by all the stuff. Let it go. I remember looking around and being like wow… how am I going to get through all of this. But I also remember feeling calm and laying on the ground and feeling like “I’m here.” I did it.

Letting go of the control gave me time to be present in the moment and just enjoy the messiness of those move in days.

4. Things take time and money and there is no need to rush

This is one I’m still learning to be okay with. I’m reminded daily by those around me that things like this take time. That it’s okay not to have it all set up immediately. It’s okay if it doesn’t feel like home right away. It’s okay to wait to buy the things you really want when you can afford them.

A friend recently said to me,

“These are the best times of moving – when you and your place are finding your groove and coming together! I hope you take lots of pics of your place now, so you can look back in like a year and be all “whoa” at how it changes”.

That hit home and it’s something that I’m being as aware as possible of.
So bring on the pictures!!!

5. There’s nothing like that first night!

Everything was everywhere. It was echoing so loud. There were noises I didn’t know where they were coming from. I had no food in the fridge. A blowup mattress in the middle of the floor, no lamps. Clothes all over the place. No utensils.

But that night when I was alone, I was laying in my bed and felt the most insane feeling rush over me. It was crazy. Nothing like I’d felt before. It was such an amazing day. People helped me. I felt connected. I was in the place I had dreamed about being. I felt the new version of me laying there looking out the window. Ready for this new chapter. That is a day I will absolutely never ever forget.

Moving is crazy.

And I can guarantee that I’ll do it many more times in this life.

And as much of a transition as it is…. it’s so “moving”.
It literally moves you into a new space, a new era, new beginning.

A chance to start again.

And that, is a beautiful thing.

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