A letter to my Inner Child.

If you could look back, if you could go back and talk to the little girl inside of you what would you say? How would you talk to her ? What would you want her to know?

I pondered this question today.

I had an entire blog written about healing the inner child – but I felt blocked.
I couldn’t put it out.
It didn’t feel right.
The message I wrote didn’t feel right!


Because I didn’t know what I’d say or why.

I didn’t know how I’d greet that little girl inside of me if I met her today.

Then it hit me.

I work with kids everyday. I see them in their essence. I see them in their light. In their darkness. I see them. I hear them. And I feel what they feel.

So what if I worked with her?

What if I worked with that little girl named Courtney.
What if I worked with me?
What would I tell her.

As I sit here and wonder how I’d approach her or what I’d say – I’m met with memories of who she was. All while remembering she’s still here. She’s me.

So what would I say?

She’s probably playing off in the distance picking flowers out of the gardens, doing summersaults in the grass. She’s probably singing to herself and skipping down the sidewalk. Maybe she’s playing with her dolls and pretending she’s the teacher.

Maybe she’s bossing all the other kids around. Maybe she’s in her own little world. Aka. “Courtney’s World.”

I’d sit down beside her and smile.
I’d tell her how beautiful she is.

How her mind and imagination are one of the prettiest parts about her. I’d tell her that her heart is really big and filled with emotions and that’s what makes her so special.

I’d grab a doll and play with her.
Watch her in her happy place.
I’d wonder how and what she’s thinking about.

I’d tell her how lucky she is to have so many people in her life. That even though sometimes she gets confused and is lots of places with lots of different people- she’s lucky. I’d tell her how loved she really is. How many people want to help her.

I’d tell her that one day when she grows up and wants to show the world what she’s made of that she’ll do it.

That her determination will get her really far and that she will accomplish everything she sets her mind to.

I’d tell her to follow her heart.
To listen to her nudges.
To always be her wild silly self.

I’d tell her that her emotions and feelings are her roadmap. To listen to them.

To not let anyone tell her that she’s “too sensitive” or feels to much. To not listen to anyone who calls you a cry baby. I’d tell her that her emotions are her super power and make her exactly who she is.

I’d tell her to love with her whole heart.
I’d tell her to be soft. To not let the world make her hard.

I’d tell her that sometimes she’s going to get hurt. That bruises will fade… even the ones inside on your heart.

I’d tell her to fall in love.
To fall in love with herself and she’ll attract the right people by doing just that.

I’d tell her to wait for the guy who shows her what unconditional love truly is. Who tells you you’re beautiful and means it. Who sees you for who you are. Who never makes her question his intentions. To never settle. To give all the love he gives to you back to him and to the world around you.

To find friendships that supports your growth. Friends who hold your hand when things get hard. Who hold your hair when you get sick. Who you trust with everything you have. Who become your sisters.

I’d tell her to always be kind but stand strong in your boundaries. To speak your truth. To be the rebel you’ve always been. To do things your own way while respecting those around you.

I’d tell her to be open minded.
To travel the world and to meet new people….and to ALWAYS choose growth over comfort.

I’d tell her that some days are going to leave you feeling lonely. They are going to suck and you will feel lost. But I’d tell her that the answers she seeks are always inside of her. I’d tell her she isn’t meant to and doesn’t have to do it all on her own. I’d tell her she deserves to feel love and support from those around her. I’d tell her to accept help. To allow herself to receive.

I’d tell her that her family will always love her no matter how far away. I’d tell her that she’s got a soul that needs to wander and sometimes that will be tough but in the end it will make your relationships stronger.

I’d tell her your hearts going to break many many times… but to not ever close it off. To keep it open. To show the world the love you have inside of you and how beautiful you really are. To always choose to love even when you’re far from this feeling.

I’d tell her to do the things that make her smile. To write. To draw. To dance like no one is watching. To sing loudly in the shower and even when you pull up next to a stop light in your car.

I’d tell her not to care what others think.

I’d tell her that when she shows up as her full self she’s probably going to be viewed as a little bit weird and maybe even crazy BUT that’s what makes you YOU! And you is who you came here to be.

I’d tell her to love and respect her body and all it can do.
To understand that all bodies are different and yours is unique to you. You are strong. NEVER change your dimple!


I’d tell her that no matter what happens in her life, no matter where her path leads; to trust that it’s getting you to where you want to go. You will always be loved. You will meet amazing people along the way. And even when you doubt yourself to know that you have always got what it takes.

Squeeze Angel Bear when you need comfort. Eat broccoli it’s good for you. Call your mom as much as you can. Be honest with your feelings. Grow your relationships with your sisters. You are NOT always right. Never let anyone tell you your not worth it. You are not disgusting. You are beautiful. You will find the one who will love you like you’ve never been loved before. And YOU are doing GREAT SWEETIE!

So what would you tell them?
What would you tell your inner child?
How would you see them?

The best part of all of this is….

You can tell them that because they are there. Inside of you. Wanting to be heard. Wanting to be seen. Wanting to heal and be shown the way.

“Keep dreaming Courtney, you’re almost there.” – xo Me

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