OCTOBER/ LIBRA CARD PULL – ‘balancing out the new’

October is the time of year we let go.

We watch the leaves fall from the trees and step into the changing season and scenery around us. When things outside of us change it’s due to a reflection of what’s changed within us. What we’ve internally let go of. This is fall. This is October. This is Libra energy.

We are now in October.

We have just emerged from lots of change within.
And we are now seeing the physical change around us.

We’ve let a lot go.
It’s been hard.

Yet amazing.

So what does October have in store for us?

Balancing the new.

This month we are emerged in the energy of yin and yang. Contrast. Light and dark emerging as one. The scales of our lives meeting somewhere harmoniously in the middle of where we once felt so lost and disconnected.

This is the beauty of libra being in this time of year.
We somehow find a way to meet in peaceful embrace.
With ourselves and with those partnerships we love.

This month we are rising from the ground up. We are taking all the change we have just been through and ‘coming to life’ once again. Rising from the ashes sort of speak. We are being asked to rise.

To become whole again in our own so we are able to pour our wholeness out into the world. We are being given energy of contrast to appreciate the light in the dark. To look back and see how far we’ve come. To love ourselves as we grow. To love and support others in their growth.

We are all on our own individual journeys however we need one another. We cannot have a fully fulfilled life all alone. We are human and we as humans need connections to grown. Relationships allow just this.

So as you come to life….

As you rise from the bottom, on your way up look around. Look at those around you. The support you’ve been given. Feel that love. That love that’s helping you to rise again. Balance both light and dark.

These are the days of becoming the newest version of you.

Go inward just as much as outward.
Harness both masculine and the feminine within.
Fully understand that you are both these.
You are light and dark. You are an individual of contrast. YOU ARE WHOLE.

Become the whole version of you.

And meet your partnerships as the whole version of you and together become the team you thrive in.Become the team that grows together. Who supports each other in light and in dark.


In this process it’s going to be scary. It’s going to feel like you’re walking in a place you don’t know your surroundings. You will feel fear arise. BUT unless you are in actual real danger, DO THE OPPOSITE of what the fear is telling you to do. Make the other choice. You have all you need to succeed. As scary as this is – it’s also exhilarating. It’s exciting. It’s the new you rising from the ashes.

Release your attachments of what you think your life is meant to look like. This arena you have NO IDEA about because you’ve never been here. You cannot guess. You can not compare. You can not even prepare. All you can do it let go and take the steps presenting themselves to you. Surrender into this and balance is yours.

You are coming to life.
And that is a beautiful thing.

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