Becoming #BravelyBeautiful

A year ago I was having crazy dreams. Wild and vivid each time. Every dream had a theme. A theme in which I couldn’t believe was reoccurring almost every night. Throughout this year, the dreams continued- in different shapes and forms of course, but all with the same theme.

I know right, slightly scary.

I dreamt that I was giving birth, that I had the baby, that I caught the baby myself.


I also developed this slight bit obsession with learning about birth. Loved watching YouTube vlogs on woman’s journeys.

Crazy right?

NO, this is NOT me announcing I am pregnant…. but how ironic that this creation that I have spent a year cultivating and putting time and effort into has birthed into such a beautiful brand. Has even allowed me to “birth” more into myself.

Has become my baby. My creative outlet. My expression. My passion. A place where a community is being born.

My baby is ONE!!!!

On November 5th, 2018 Bravely Beautiful was born.
Coming to the world a beautiful, bold and intense Scorpio.

It’s been a wild ride of having this platform and creative outlet to express deep parts of myself. My thoughts, emotions and feelings.

It’s been crazy to hear the resonance of others with my own personal journey and how it relates to theirs.

The experiences that have presented themselves to me have been nothing short of amazing.

And now, now she’s one.
Bravely Beautiful is officially one year old.

Bravely Beautiful has been an adventure. A journey.
There has been so many amazing experiences and opportunities that have come from and within this platform.

Becoming Bravely Beautiful allowed me to grow.
Grow so much I found the courage to make some big goals happen.

So what has it been like becoming Bravely Beautiful?
This is a great question.

Becoming Bravely Beautiful has required me to literally get out of my own way.

To dive deeper into places that I feel uncomfortable being in. To follow my intuition. To learn to trust myself and my soul urges. Becoming Bravely Beautiful has required me to meet myself on an entirely new level.

I’ve had to go through some old emotions and experiences that have been stuck in my body. I’ve had to learn to be vulnerable. And I mean BE VULNERABLE.

Bravely Beautiful allowed me to speak my truths.

From going on two different Podcasts talking about my jounrey with HPV. To meeting new people with similar experiences.
I found bravery in having the hard conversations with people in my life in regards to this. I dove deep into my shadows.
Being met with anxiety- having a place to share these emotions let me reach people I never thought Id reach.
Ive met new people. Been exposed to new environments.
And learned ALOT about technology.

Bravely Beautiful means being brave in the face of uncertainty. Being Brave in facing your fears. Being Brave enough to be the most authentic and purposeful person you came here to be. It means being brave enough to sit with, look at, and share your feeling, thoughts and emotions with others. To speak your truth and run into the fear associated with your biggest dreams.

Becoming Bravely Beautiful has meant that I’ve needed to embody these traits. It’s meant that if I want to lead by example, I’ve had to learn to become ‘Bravely Beautiful’ myself.

It’s been a roller coaster.
It’s been filled with highs and lows.
It’s been illuminating.

Becoming Bravely Beautiful has given me chances that have left me feeling butterflies and tests from the universe really asking me to up level into this arena.

Somedays, I was about ready to throw in the towel, head back to the ‘simple’ life and shut it all off. To shut my creative flow of consciousness down.

But I couldn’t.

I couldn’t because I knew deep down that this path was for me to take. Because I didn’t come this far, to only come this far.

Because Bravely Beautiful was my baby, and we were learning how to grow, together.

Hearing people say to me “Common Court, Bravely Beautiful right?” When I faced a fork in the road, or was facing a hurtle I didn’t feel strong enough to jump over was a huge eye opener.

I created a phrase that started to give me power. To bleed inspired action into my life. It gave me freedom to express and be myself. It gave me permission to feel and share those feelings.

To become Bravely Beautiful means that you become a person who courageously makes their dreams happen. You become a person who is vulnerable, and who allows space for other to be vulnerable as well. Becoming Bravely Beautiful has meant tough conversations. Letting go. Surrendering. Embracing newness. Walking new paths. And being brave enough to look a challenge in the face and say “let’s do this.” And let’s do this with grace. With passion. With a beautiful sense of greatness.

Becoming Bravely Beautiful has made others feel uncomfortable. It’s made them question who I am and perhaps even triggered something inside of them. It’s also helped inspire and empower so many people. More than I could ever imagine. Becoming Bravely Beautiful has taught me that the uncomfortable states of which we remain are our biggest areas for growth.

Bravely Beautiful has been me sharing my experiences of my life and personal development with all of you. It’s been me pouring my heart and soul and deeply run emotions with the readers.

It’s been me growing.
Growing into the thought leader I came here to be.

To be able to show up for all of you and give you a place to feel seen and heard and empower you to explore the deepest part of you.

Now Bravely Beautiful is shifting.

Shifting into YOU.
Shifting to help YOU become Bravely Beautiful.

Because.. “What makes you Brave, makes you beautiful”
And that… is the most powerful version of you that can exist.

So the question now is this.
Are you ready to become Bravely Beautiful?

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