Sometimes you have to go Backwards….

Sometimes you have to go backwards in order to go forward.

It’s true.

There’s a beautiful thing called Mercury Retrograde that many of us have developed a fear around. The memes and the energy that we have lived through during Mercury Rx is basically all because of having to go backwards. I mean the planet is quite literally slowing down and moving the opposite direction.

I started to think about this in a new way.

Why do we fear going backward?

Why is it scary for old stuff to resurface?

Why do we feel shame looking back?

Sometimes we have to go backwards before we can go forward.

Sometimes we have to allow ourselves to be this arrow. Allow ourselves to be pulled all the way to the point with most tension in order to propel forward.


Because that’s where the growth you seek lies. Its paramount for moving toward the future. It’s pivotal for the present. And it allows you to see what’s still holding you back from the future you want to create.

Going backwards means you are at a place that the universe has said “look at them, they are ready now.” You are ready to be pulled so far back. You have been seen as strong enough to feel the tension of the arrow at its tipping point.

Going backwards allows you to see things in a different way. It gives you a sense of discomfort allowing you to ask the deeper questions you’ve been thinking but have put on the back burner. Going backwards gives you the push to ask yourself what it is you truly want.

One of my favourite things about revisiting the past is the ability to see what I’ve done. What I’ve accomplished.
What emotions I’ve dug through. And how I came out the other side.

I love looking back at pictures and feeling the memories as if I were living them again.

I know, I know.… the famous quote of “don’t look back you’re not going that way.” It is relevant. It’s important to recognize that if we lived completely in the past we wouldn’t be working toward our dreams, but what I’m saying is different.

What I’m saying is that it’s brave to look back at what you’ve done and give yourself some grace. To allow gratitude to flow through your body. To recognize your lessons.To see your growth.

No we can’t live in the past.

We have to use this to propel forward, just like an arrow.

An arrow has to be pulled all the way back before it can hit its target.

Well, isn’t this the truth for life.

We literally are faced with some of our deepest, darkest emotions and experiences when we are getting ready to hit a new goal, when we are being prepped to fly in a new direction. When we are getting ready to hit the bullseye of our dream.

Going all the way back to the core of our beliefs, values and patterns to dig out all the old nonsense that can’t come forward with you.

That’s true Mercury Retrograde energetics.

YES– it can be uncomfortable, painful and downright tough. I’m agreeing with you on this one.

It’s not fun when you feel that intense pull back of just wanting to be on the other side already. It’s simply not fun.

Did I mention going backwards also teaches patience?

But In that moment, in that space of wanting to crawl out of your skin because the tension is so tight- you know the breakthrough is coming.
That that’s your que you are ready for takeoff.

So yes, sometimes going backwards is the only way to go forward.

Sometimes looking back and revisiting old plans, seeing friends, looking at pictures. Is good for the soul. You can see how you’ve changed and evolved, and where you still need to grow. You can determine if your happy with where your life currently is or if you need to change course.

You can finish old projects before starting new ones.

You can pause and reflect.

You can pack your bags for your next destination.

Anytime you are being given the gift of going backwards it’s either to dig a little deeper and clear out the muck, see what tweaks need to take place, and/ or to acknowledge your growth before the journey forward can begin.

Going backwards isn’t punishment.

It’s your blessing of transformative energy getting you ready for the next chapter of your life.

You my darling, are getting ready to fly.

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