This is it.
This is the last four weeks of 2019.

This is the months it all comes to a culmination. It comes to an end. All making way for the new beginning we have so patiently been awaiting.

This is it.

This is where we go into a state of celebration. A state of recognition for all we have been through. For all we have grown through. What was learned, who we met and how this year played out.

This is the time where looking backwards actually leans you into a place of gratitude and softens the hardness of what we experienced. Bracing us for the next chapter. Clearing ourselves from any resentment or hurt. Clearing the path. Making way for the new. No longer in a state of in between. But in a state of beautiful uncertainty.

This month feels like the true end of something really life changing. It feels like we’re at our graduation ceremony. We’re on the stage looking around at all the people. We’re feeling the emotions. We’re excited and nervous for what lies ahead. But what we know ultimately is that after this month there’s no turning back to how things use to be.

This is the end of the beginning.

The month where we are doing lots behind the scenes to get ready for this 2020.

While also being a time to look back and see where and how much you expanded this year. To let your feelings rush over you in every aspect. To let whatever else has to leave, truly leave. This is the month where we raise our glasses. We cheers to the end. And to the beginning.

December 2019.

Is here to show us gratitude.
Is here to show us presence.
Is here to show us beautiful reflection.
Is here to let us have one little dash of 2019 expansion.

This is the month we are encouraged to really and I mean really step into our dreams as we say goodbye to a year that broke us open. That cracked us into ways we never thought we could crack.

Where we say goodbye to a decade.

It’s significant in so many ways.
Because everyday of 2019 you were challenged. You were pushed to grow. To see how strong you are. You were given gifts that showed you the path to follow into 2020, and now – this month. You get to feel the satisfaction and abundance of not only feeling the grief. But the blossoming of the new life you have been creating the entire time.

December 2019.

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