A Moment of Celebration.

Do you get it now?
Do you see what this was all about?

Look around.

Look away from the screen, lookup.
Look at what’s surrounding you.

Remember when you dreamt of this.

You had a vision that you’d be standing exactly where you are right now. That you’d be in this place. That you’d feel this way. You knew. You were scared. You didn’t know how it would be possible.

But it was. You did it.

Look how far you’ve come.

As we gain perspective into the last few weeks of the year, we are met with a deep sense of reflection. We’re met with forwarding goals. We’re met with the rush.

But what if we stopped.

What if we looked around at all we’ve created. What if we decided to take a big deep breath and inhale the present moment. What would happen then?

Maybe you’d feel a recharge.

Something that would prep you. Give you that boost of motivation to reach your next goal. Maybe. Just maybe you’d become a magnet for your miracles.

Just like you did before.

At this moment- take a breath.
Let the memories of the past flood through your mind and play on repeat.

The good.
The bad.

Let them play.
They got you here.

All those moments that you lived, they got you here.

The faces who smiled at you.
The paths you walked.
The people who crossed.

There’s a magic in what’s happening.

Every moment has a little bit of magic you often can’t see until it’s passed. Until you reach a moment like this. In deep reflection. Feeling the memories so vividly again.

So celebrate.

Celebrate how far you’ve come. How much you’ve grown. What you’ve accomplished. The lives you touched.

The lessons you learned. The tears you cried. The laughs that filled your soul.

The love that carried you through. The unconditional supportive force.

Celebrate that.

Take a good hard look from a birds-eye view. Because it’s in these moments you know there is no turning back. Not even in the slightest. You know that you’re time to move forward is here. You can’t and don’t want to go back to what was- you just want to experience wholeness again.

The happiness you cannot explain.

You want to take all you’ve learned and walk ahead. Head held high.

New things to bring forward.
New people to meet.
New memories to be made.

So celebrate.

Celebrate how far you’ve come. Celebrate the breakdowns.
Where you thought you wouldn’t go on. Celebrate the days you thought you couldn’t survive.


Celebrate the let downs.
The No’s and the days that hurt.

Celebrate the wins.
The bliss.

And the experiences you didn’t even know where possible.

Celebrate what’s come, what’s gone and all that in between.

As you get ready to walk this new path.


Celebrate the life you’ve created.
The life you are creating.

Celebrate because these are the moments that life is all about.

Just like that, a decade is coming to an end. It’s 10 years. A whole 10 years have gone by. And with every day that passes you create something new. You change. You grow. You are given lessons and teachers. You are met with emotions. You’re met with situations that absolutely blow your mind and open your heart oh so wide.

So celebrate.

2019 gave me so much and also took away a lot. I found myself dancing around my room feeling pure bliss feeling speechless.

I found myself on the bathroom floor in tears. Sobbing. Not knowing what step to take next. Not knowing when these moments of sadness would pass.

Honestly, 2019 is coming to a close and I couldn’t be happier. But I’m also extremely happy to celebrate it. To sit with it in deep reflection. To take the lessons. To really take them in. To leave all that’s weighed me down for so long to just disappear.

Because this time, this time I’m celebrating all I’ve done this year to ensure those weights are not coming with me. To ensure that the work I put in this year to leave old patterns behind. Stays behind.

So celebrate.
Celebrate your perseverance.

Celebrate the trust you cultivated in yourself. Celebrate the love you opened yourself up too and gave to yourself.

Celebrate all that you have become.

And ask yourself...

Do you get it now?

do you understand why?

Do you finally see the reason behind it all? Behind the push and pull. Behind the nos. Behind the yes’s. Behind all the struggle. Behind it all.

Do you get it now?
It led you here.

So celebrate.

Celebrate every single ounce of it all. Because these are the moments you’ll find it in your heart to appreciate the beauty of this year.

It’s the final goodbye.
Goodbye. The celebration.
The ceremony of commencement. Our inherited graduation.

Let these memories flood throughout you. Let them rush in. Remember the past as if it were here then let it go and walk toward the life that’s only slightly unclear.

Celebrate my dear. Soon.
Soon the rest will appear.

You, my love deserve to be here.

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