energy report.

January 2020

This month feels like a push and pull between go and be. 

Between excitement and exhaustion.
Between the doing and being.

January is the month where we feel an urge to push forward, yet still feeling tired and in a bit of a fog from the previous year working its way out of our system. 

Its because of this that we feel the push and the pull. 

Still ridding our bodies and beings of the intensity we have just previously felt- January calls for integration along with goal setting. 

It can feel complicated to do both.
It can feel confusing.
It can feel frustrating.

“I want to go, I want to leap into this new goal or direction. But I feel so tired”


This month is about both. 

January is your month to cultivate. To integrate. To set the plans in place. 

This is the month to write it all out and take action when action is called for. 
When your body is ready.


Your guidance system to know when to push, and when to rest.
Listen and choose wisely.

YOU, are going to need A LOT of energy moving forward in the months ahead. 

January is the month of INSPIRED ACTION.

You’re being asked to listen.Not only to your body but to the messages, signs and symbols that are CONSTANTLY surrounding you. There are little hints and clues that are being dropped into your lap- its up to you to use them. To listen to them. 

By listening to them and getting curious about what they mean to you ( and by the way- you always know the meaning deep down within ) you signal to the universe that you are ready to take on this next chapter. EVEN IF YOU’RE SCARED or asking yourself HOW is this physically going to be possible- this months energy is asking you to TRUST that by stepping into that direction the HOW will appear piece by piece. This is up to you. Just step. Just make the best plan you can… for now. 

KNOW that your plan will be rocked.
It will come with a plot twist- but be open to it being better than you have ever expected.


You just went through a lot. You just journeyed through some incredible waters that were hard. They took its toll on your physical body. Nourish your body and give it the energy that it needs to build you back up. To restore your body, mind and soul. This is the January energy. 

You just put in a lot of hard work and a TON of effort. Even if you can’t fully see it that way- you did. And things are starting to line up in your favour.
In life we have to go through the trails and tribulations in order to learn and to grow. AND when you’re a person with as big of dreams like you’re own, then THATS EXACTLY what you get. You get trials and tribulations. YOU GET YOUR BIG DREAMS. AND because of that the world gets the best of you when you’re ready to rise. Things are aligning. You’re just getting ready. Just only scratching the surface.

Give yourself grace.
Give yourself ease.
Give yourself time.
Give yourself a break in between.

Learn to push and pull back when you feel tired. 

Its okay. INFACT its more than okay. 
It’s not a race. 
Listen to your soul.
The timing will prevail.

No need to rush. 

This month is your first look into the lifetime ahead. 

And for this one, slow and steady wins the race. 

this is your January update 

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