5 Ways to Figure Out Who The Heck You Are


This is where I will now be providing YOU ( the reader ) with some TIPS and maybe a few TRICKS, on how to hack this whole personal development life. 

Basically, I’m going to write about all the tools i’ve acquired in my tool kit over the past…. mmm lets say three years. 

( its been one heck of a roller coaster ) 

SO many people ask me Why? When? How? and WTF started this “obsession” I have with questioning the universe. With wanting to have a deeper knowledge and understanding. With the LOVE and PASSION I have for growth. 

It’s easy really. 

You see one day I just woke up and decided I did’t want to live a blah life anymore….. KIDDING. 

That is absolutely NOT how it went at all. 

I’m sure if you read through some of these posts floating around on here- you’d see where, how, why and when it all began. 

But in summary… 

A few years ago I hit a BIG rock bottom and vowed I NEVER wanted to FEEL that way ever again. I now know- thats impossible to control. But through the process of hitting the ground, I met a lot of my shadow. My darkness. I met a lot of people who helped me open up my eyes and I started to realize there was more to life. 

BASICALLY – I was in existential crisis mode and questioned EVERYTHING about life itself. 

I remember not wanting to watch TV anymore. Not wanting to go and drink as much. I wanted to be alone a lot of the time. I really craved learning from different outlets and needing a lot of time to figure out my SHIT ( to say the least ). 

I started with stumbling upon YouTube videos in 2017. 
I started to find the rabbit hole of TED TALKS which lead me to 
Netflix documentaries I never thought I’d watch. 
I even remember saying to my mom on the phone, “ who am I becoming.” 
It was all such a different way of living and being and I was craving that knowledge.
I was thirsty for that content. 


3 YEARS LATER ( yes – I used the SpongeBob voice  ) 

*I’ve written my diary entires all over the interweb. 
*Started a BLOG… a movement if you will. 
*I write and channel info daily from my spirit guides/ higher self.
*I am constantly LOVING learning from Podcasts- as well as being on them. 
*I have just released my very first WORKBOOK. ( download link here.)

And now I’ve decided its time to start answering everyones burning questions. 

I’ve decided its time to start HELPING people in areas that I was craving help in. 
Where I was needing guidance. 

I wan’t to write BLOGs and post Videos for you all that help you along your path to personal growth and development. 
I want you to walk away with a TIP or TRICK or even just a little motivation to walk with your head help a little higher. 
I want you to learn something about yourself. 
I want you to give something to yourself. 
I want you to learn that ways of YOU. 
I want you to feel EMPOWERED to BE the most authentic version of you there could possibly be. 


I don’t know about you, BUT I am NOT feelin’ 22. 
( YUP, those are a playoff on the tswift lyrics ) 

We’re getting older over here. 
And I plan on living a long time. 
I plan on helping this world expand. 

I wan’t to REALLY LIVE. 
Live awake.
Live consciously. 


This leads me to this BLOG POST. 

What better way to start off your #personaldevelopment journey than with ways to get to know yourself. 

DO I HAVE IT ALL FIGURED OUT? Absolutely NOT. I never will.

why not try and figure out some heavy stuff together?
why not get to know ourselves better?
why not get to know one another better?
just WHY NOT. 

HERE ARE 5 Ways To Figure Out Who The Heck You Are 

HOLD UP. Before you dive into this I just want to write a short little disclaimer. 

Yup- I said it. You do. 

Sometimes however, we get a little lost and thats more than okay. 

Sometimes we find ourselves in crowds of people that we no longer jive with.
Sometimes our interests change. 

Sometimes we just want to establish a deeper connection and relationship with ourselves BECAUSE DUH – that who we live with everyday. 

BUT I’m also here to remind you these are just tools for your toolkit. 
You truly do already know who you are deep down. 

You may just need a little reminder and coaxing in that direction. 



Not only are these fun. But hey! they give you a nice little reason to sit down, answer some questions and see how accurate or not it can be. After all humans LOVE to see if they can out smart a system. 

I will say these tests I always LOVE. 
I love seeing what they will say about me and others in my life. 

It always filled with Ah-ha moments and gives a language on how others behaviours work within the relationship with them. 

Two of my go- to’s are :

These sites take a little bit of your time, however always worth it in the end. 

They will give you a number/ a number like sentence with a name that you will then be able to tell your friends all about. The 16 personalties is also great because it will show you which famous people you might be like. 

ps. I may have got Oprah 



Okay, so I want to start by saying this one still at times confuses me, and can be a bit of a rabbit hole to go down. However there are SO MANY resources and tools to use now a days that will help you learn about your Human Design if you want to. You can even get a reading with a Human Design reader if you want to leap that far into it. 

There are a ton of free resources out there to help you learn however. Youtube and Podcasts are my two fave ways to dig into these. 

Jenna Zoeis an amazing Human Design reader. She has been on many podcasts and Ive watched her on a few YouTube clips where she explains what the heck this all means. 

It can be quite confusing but it might be the thing that you just GET. 

It might help you get to know YOU a little bit better. 




( oh my goodness my Venus in Pisces is screaming with this one) 

I absolutely LOVE a good Love Language chat. 

I love hearing other peoples Love Languages, love debunking them and JUST talking about LOVE all together. 

But seriously, this is an amazing tool to not only help you to get to know yourself, but also how you thrive and give in relationships. And well… since relationships are basically what this human life is all about- I mean it couldn’t hurt to know right?

One of the biggest take aways I learned from this was that we often give love the way we want to receive love. We often are showing loving and affection to our partners the way we like- not necessarily the way that they like. 

The 5 Love Languages are :

  • Acts of Service
  • Words of Affirmation
  • Physical Touch
  • Gifts 
  • Quality Time 

Learning this has helped me a lot. 

It has helped me with communicating what I need from the other person by helping to give me language to use in a conscious and caring way. 

I mean hey- it still happens where I write a big long love note and buddy’s over here like “what is this mushy stuff?” And really all he wants is a hug. 

but how powerful when we learn to merge them. 

Find out what your PRIME Love Language is here:


ahhh.. This one is my ULTIMATE FAVOURITE. 
( which will come to no surprise to anyone reading this ) 



Ultimately I would love for you to know your entire chart up and down, left to right and front to back. BUT um lets just start with the basics here. 

There is this beautiful thing in your Birth Chart called a Triadd ( I heard this on a To Be Magnetic Podcast LINK HERE ) and they described this perfectly. 

There are three main points in astrology that we as humans go right to to help describe us. SUN, MOON, RISING. These are the three MAIN parts that make up you in your Birth Chart. ( TBH, they are all MAIN parts- but slow and steady here) 

to find your SUN, MOON and RISING you will need your Birth Time ( exact – no guessing or it doesn’t work properly). You will need your city/town of birth, date and year.

I personally use Cafe Astrology for the free tool, although there are many ways to find your birth chart on the internet. Cafe Astrology does an entire write up about each section in your chart. It’s a great nighttime read or rabbit hole to venture down. 

You can put that information in HERE. 

You will see a massive chart that will feel overwhelming and comfusimg at first BUT then youll scroll and see a beautifully coloured chart with your SUN, MOON, and RISING on it. IT will show you a sign and a word. 

For example : 

IMG_0382 2
What are your three ? 
Read up on those. 

ps. everyones is different. THIS IS YOUR TRIAD

Your Rising is how the world sees you and the moment you came to this earth.
Your Sun is how you are at your core. Your inner personality. 
Your Moon sign is your feelings. What you FEEL you NEED to feel emotionally fulfilled in life. PS. This is also what you play out in childhood, until about 7. HELLO SUBCONSCIOUS FEELS. 


This one is a little different. 

I wan’t you to answer this question I am about to give you on a separate piece of paper. I wan’t you to either brainstorm on your own OR call home. Call your parents. Siblings and or people in your life who helped raised you. 


Yes, I know you’re an adult and that seems like it was so long ago, but this is one of the quickest ways to remember who the EFF you are. 

When we come into this world we are born and we live out our lives at the core of who we are. We naturally gravitate toward certain things, we spend our time pretending and imagining ourselves as adults. But there is magic in that for us now. 

I know its not always easy to go back to childhood mems. BUT if you can, if you can bare to go back there- sit in meditation and think about all the things that you use to do that lit you up, who you played with, what games you likes.
Maybe there is insight there. Actually I can guarantee there will be. 

There are so many ways that you can and will get to know yourself. 

I mean look around. Look at who you once were and who you become each and everyday. 

We all fall off track and forget sometimes. 

Sometimes life gets busy. We find a reason or are in a season of our lives that need us to focus elsewhere, and thats okay. 

But its also more than okay to come back to you. 

This is the year that you no longer pour from an empty cup.
You, WE, the Worldneeds the best of you right now. 

And in order to get that you need to fully know and embrace all sides, shapes and facests of yourself. 


ps. you got this .. i know you do 

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