energy update

Freedom awaits.

As your gifts emerge and you rise from the waning parts of your soul you find something. A diamond in the ruff. A surprise. A gift. Something that beautifully represents where you are going. 

This is the beginning that you’ve been waiting for all along.

Not then. 

Now is the start of something new.
Now is the time to FULLY TRANSFORM and embody every aspect of you.

It’s time to take your dreams and see them.
See them here.
See them now.


February is holding the energy of some of the biggest transformations we’ve seen in a long time. 

It’s that in which has to do with our hearts. 

Our hearts expanding so wildly beyond where they have ever been capable of reaching before. Our hearts walls have been removed and the softness of this breakthrough brings us closer together this month and really for the forward future. 

Oh February.

That of transformation.
That of healing.
That of rebirth and BIG BIG dreaming.

How do I know?
I just know… and you do too.

Those full body chills you feel reading this in disbelief that something could resonate so deeply means you feel it too. Means you know it too. Means you’ve been feeling this for a while now. 

The time has come. 
And this isn’t just it, it’s the one. 

It’s the time you’ve been dreaming of. 

Your life is about to change. 

Bloom into a scenery that has gone from dark and cloudy to beautiful and bright. 

You’re crossing that finish line, hands in the air and you run through that ribbon as the crowd cheers. You cry and drop to your knees. You made it. You did it. Look how far you’ve come. 

You’ve been building to this. 

This is the moment.
This is the one. 


The new year really.
This is our rebirth.

This is our place of inquiry toward the future that’s been calling our name as we emerged out of a cycle of death. Out of a cycle of letting go. Of letting fear and ego run the show. That’s all transforming now. 

You are transforming now.
You’ve never been this YOU before.

Yet you have. You always have.
But breathe this in.

Breathe in the goodness of the special surprises and fresh air that this month has in store. 

Oh, you’ll be surprised like never before. 

Your hearts about to feel a bliss like never ever before. 

This is a new beginning.
One you know nothing about.

February air feels literally quite radically different. More so than ever before. 

No more surrender.
No more fear.
No more tears.

Your blessing it’s here. 

It’s time to embody your new way of living.
Of being. 

This one has no turning back. 
There’s only forward ahead.

Time for healing.
Time for believing.

Trust the journey every step of the way. 

Your light is shining. Brightly. 
And it’s here to stay. 

Welcome to the energy of February 2020. 

“we can’t wait to meet the new you” 


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