the last six months…

These last six months have changed you.
They have shown you places and people that you once hoped would enter your life. 

The lessons.
The breakdowns.
The breakthroughs.

Prepping you for this moment.

The moment in which life was pulling you forward. 
The last six months of your life challenged you to your core. But all for a reason.

All because you were being given a chance to step up to the plate and become this version of you you’ve been wanting to become.

The last six months got you to look.
And I mean… to really look.

To look at it so closely you couldn’t possibly even try to ignore it.

The last six months were about to looking at the under layer.
About what was under it all. About what made you become.
About what made you come undone.

These last six months.
July 30th, 2019 
August 9th, 2020

Six months ago this New Moon met us.
It met us in its full authentic course of action.
In the sign of Leo.

Where love was dominant.
Where passions were high.
Where the heart chakra bled through with a fierce vigilance of radiance and beauty.

Life in the last six months changed the game.
It flipped everything upside down and inside right. 

Life in the last six months blessed us with letting go of things we no longer need. But in a way that was not only pleasant but unpleasant too. It was that of the ultimate endings- meaning beginnings. 

In the last six months, our lives really began.
The last six months were the days leading up to this. 

You were being forced to release karmic patterns.
To release feelings of anger and the harbour of resentment. Patterns. Beliefs. 

The ties between you and another either left or got stronger. But this time you learned.

You learned the significance.
You learned through doing.
Through being. 

Through sitting in the most uncomfortable spot you’ve ever sat. For the tears, you cried. Through the days of lying on the bathroom floor asking why. Why you. Why did this have to happen to you?

The tears.
Your heart bled. 
They lead you here. 

The last 6 months were bundled into a package of confusion and hurt.
And not understanding. But having to comply. 

The time has come for that to end.
The time has come to implement the lessons 2019 taught you. 

The last six months were filled with some of the darkest nights that lead you to see the brightest stars. 

These last six months were preparing you for all of this. All of this emotional fulfillment. 

You’re starting to blossom.
You’re starting to see the fruits of your labour. 

The connection to this change you feel, trust it my darling… it’s real. 

The last six months were a testament to your strength. Of your power. Of the love you have within yourself that has ultimately propelled your forward. 

This is the time to reap that of which you’ve sewn. That in which the tears you cried helped something grow. You get to physically see it now. It’s yours to hold.

So go ahead – walk forward.
Leave the past behind.
The new ways are leading the pack.

The past is a pure remembrance of all you’ve accomplished. 

This time it’s easier. 
It’s easier without even knowing the path forward. Because you- you’ve done the work.

Because even on your darkest days you found a way to make it through- which meant this. 

It means that you’re ready for life to fully show itself to you now. You questioned the status quo. Which meant you found a way to show up as yourself. And because of that…. the world can find you now. 

The last six months felt like a battle of the heart. And of the head. Of letting go. Of holding on. Of falling in love. And getting to know oneself. Of really remembering who you were all along.

The last six months are over now. 
The creation is ready to form. 
To bloom.

Into everything that is purely you. 

Meet it.
Greet it.
Let it in.

It’s all yours now.

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