to the girl who’s perpetually single ….

Hey girl,

Yes you. The one reading these words.

This letter is for you. I’m writing you this because I know. I know that what you’re currently feeling feels impossible.

I know that your heart feels lonely yet empowered. I know that what you desire most of all seems like it’s the hardest thing for you to obtain. So I’m writing you this.

I want you to know a few things…

First of all I want to acknowledge you for how far you’ve come. How much you’ve accomplished. What you’ve done with your life to date is nothing short of amazing and maybe even a little shocking because the odds were against you.

But look at you. You’ve done it. You’re doing it.

Your fierce independence is admirable.

You have shown the world how vastly capable you are. And darling… you should be so flippin’ proud of yourself.

I want you to know how beautiful you are.

I want you to know that you have this aura about you that radiates this glow. That anyone and I mean anyone LOVES to be around.

I want you to know that these are the days of you getting to know yourself. And as hard as they are, they are also giving you this extra opportunity to beam that light inside of you for the world to see.

It’s giving you a chance to grow.
For people to see this light and make their way to you.

I want you to know that I understand.

I understand how much you long for another person to share your life with.

How you’ve uncovered these layers of yourself and how you have such a full heart that you’re ready to give. I know.

There’s something about your soul.

It’s deep, it’s spiritual, it’s connected on a whole other level. This makes you aware. Self aware. It makes you empathetic. It makes you search for something that I know feels impossible to find. But darling, you will.

Here’s the thing…

I know you’re going to want to give up.

I know you’re going to hit the ground in tears and question everything about yourself. I know you’re going to wonder “why?”. Why this seems so hard for you yet so simple for everyone else. I know you’re going to hurt and you’ll feel the intensity of rejection every time you get so close just for it to be pulled away. I know.

Darling, your heart has this amazing heartbeat. It has strength. It has power.

It has emotional depth and divine energy running through it. Your heart is yours.

And you have chosen to be selective.

And that’s okay. That’s because you’ve been hurt before. You’ve built walls and now you’re ready to take them down.

This is a process.
Not one for the faint of heart.

You my dear, didn’t sign up for the faint of heart. You signed up for love. For intensity and growth.

Relationships are the biggest catalyst for growth. For expansion. For becoming something your soul has signed up for here on earth. And you’re relationship with yourself is number one.

I know, I know.
You’re sick of hearing this.

I know your done with people telling you to love yourself more. To stop searching and let it find you.

I know you’re sick of explaining to people all the work you’ve done in the past to get to this point of having your heart open.

I know you’ve had enough.
I know you want your love story.
Your happy ending.

I know above all how much you want to connect consciously with another human who sees and hears you for who you are.

I know this.

You’ve chosen a path that led you here.
You are here for a reason.

I know that deep down when you closed yourself off all you really wanted was love. I know that when you were out partying and acting casual that deep down you wanted a real connection. I know that through the years you weren’t sure of commitment because it was scary. Because you feared getting hurt.

Because the thought of someone you let into your heart hurting you was more than you could bare.

I know.

I know that one day you’ll be walking down the street and see someone that catches your eye. It’ll be a glance that you never forget. It’ll be a time that stands still. That your heart will flutter. It’ll be organic. It’ll be something that’ll feel like a dream. But that day will come.

I can promise you this.
So darling, don’t give up.
Not yet.

There’s going to be a day where he’s standing right beside you. Where you look up and see him looking at you. You’ll look back at him in disbelief because this was your dream not long ago.

You’ll want to pinch yourself.

In that moment, you’ll look at him, smile. And say “thank god I didn’t give up.”

These things take time.
Time that often isn’t controlled by us.

Time that has a plan of its own that we simply have no idea about… until it happens.

It’s tough. You’re tough.

Your independence and needs and desire for growth has made you into this woman who will be able hold space for this man entering your life. All the work and time you’ve put into you, will allow him to meet you there. Meet you halfway. Together you’ll make this thing your own.

Trust me.

It’s not just a fairytale… it’s your reality.

So before I go.
I want you to know….

That this life that you’ve created.

This life that you have made so beautiful, isn’t meant for you to explore all on your own. It isn’t meant to be lived solely just as you. But for now. Appreciate. Be grateful for all this time you’ve gotten to spend getting to know yourself. Getting to be with you. Because now, now is the time where you are getting ready to open the door. To let him in. And to hear the words that you’ve been longing to hear.

It’s almost here.
Get ready my dear.

This is the ending of your perpetually single life.

xo, me 

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