the waiting game…

To ‘wane’ means to wait.
To surrender.
To be in a phase where your wishes have been spoken but not yet actualized.
To be in the place where you need to trust the journey. Trust the ride.

We are collectively in a confusing place.
A powerful place.

We’re waiting for our ships to come in.

We’re in the waning phase of life.
We’re awaiting for all the pieces to fall into place.

We have let go of so much.
We have changed our inner worlds drastically.
We have shifted our mindsets.

Yet- we still sit in the same place we’ve always been.
Our exterior views are the same.
But they feel so different.

We feel discomfort, disconnect, and like we’ve outgrown this box we’re once so happy in.

We feel a need for something more. Something greater than we can even know right now.

That’s why it’s confusing.

It’s confusing because we can’t see how all these pieces of our lives connect… at least not yet.

We see them spread across the table in pieces to a puzzle…. but we can’t seem to figure out how to put them together.

We’re in the waiting room.
We’re playing the waiting game.
We’re waiting for a signal, a sign to tell us that it’s time.

Life has these moments.
These cycles.

They come to us to teach us patience and surrender. They come to show us how to have faith in something, and how to trust that there’s an abundance of blessings waiting for you.

They come to teach us how to let go and how to be open to receive.

These cycles come to push us.
They come to help us grow.

We the millennials.
We are the ones changing things up.
We choose growth over comfort.

Because we choose happiness.
Because we aren’t afraid to be uncomfortable.
Because we choose to run into fear and use it as fuel.

In this period of waiting its constricting.
In a world where push is the way to get things going, it doesn’t align with being in the waiting room. It makes us feel unproductive. It makes us feel like we need to see results ASAP because we pushed so hard for it that we’re left asking why. Why aren’t we where we want to be yet?

But within that there’s a need to surrender.
In the waiting game – surrender is the magical part.

This is the part we weren’t taught.
We weren’t taught to go slow. To step back and let the answers come to us.
We simply just weren’t.

We were told to hustle.
To keep going.
To push until you can’t push anymore.

And maybe, just maybe there’s some truth to that but in this world, in where we are today- in this moment it’s the opposite.

Now is the time to let the space be created to receive.

To learn through BEING not through DOING.
To surrender to the how. To be brave in the face of uncertainty. And to run into those things that excitedly scare you.

And while your waiting….
remember this,

Remember that you made your wish.
Remember that you did the work.
Remember how much you’ve grown.
Remember that you’ll change again.
Remember that as you wait there’s beauty in that.

As you wait for your answer, for this sign to jump in… remember these things.

Above all remember how far you’ve come.

There’s something around the corner- a sign or a signal.
But first, first it’s time to surrender and let the connection to your puzzle find you.

trust in this process my dear, something is oh so near. xo

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