A question I get all too often. 
One in which we laugh about and hear jokes and see memes for a solid four weeks, three times a year. 

I mean, this time of the year which YES happens 3-4 times throughout the year OFTEN leaves us a little disheveled and maybe looking a little more rugged than before. BUT you know what they say… 

“everything happens for a reason” … Right?


This time isn’t something to be feared regardless of what swarms around the internet or how many memes take hold of our minds. Its actually a very powerful time for us humans down here on Earth. It’s such a potent time and incredibly expansive energy that will give us SOMETHING to work through or work WITH in order to move forward and CHANGE. 

I am not an Astrologer and I do not claim to be.. BUT I am a student of Astrology and it is a language that I understand. 

I am simply here to put it into words using my intuitive interpretation of WTF IS GOING ON IN THE UNIVERSE ABOVE US

So heres the thing, 
We are all human beings, we all feel feelings, and we all experience EVERYTHING at one point or another that this 
Earth life wants us to experience. 

So with that being said, I believe we literally ALL feel this is one way or another. 

The people who are aware of it, are open to the knowledge of using the “astrological lens” language to help them  put words to how they feel. It isn’t an excuse… or at least- it shouldn’t be. 

But it does give context to what you, me and your neighbour down the street might be feeling. Especially the people who  are uncontrollably honking their horns for 5 minutes straight…. MERCURY – am I right ?


You my friend have come to the right place… 

This planet is the ruler of our communication skills, how we think, how we talk and communicate- WHICH ALSO involves  our TECHNOLOGY AND TRANSPORTATION. Because we live in a world where this is something we do and or use EVRY SINGLE 

DAY it’s pretty apparent when it stops working for us. We become angry out of the inconvenience it has on our lives and overall  pretty frustrated. 

I would usually classify this time as a CLUSTER OF MINOR INCONVENIENCES … perhaps leading to major. 

But let’s not manifest that!


This is a time when we need to think about RE. 

Anything and everything that has a RE in front of it will basically be the energy that we are given to work with and through. 

It’s pretty cool when you think about it. 

RESCHEDULE. ( who doesn’t love that #thisis30 )

Yes- it is a lot of backwards energy.  I mean Mercury is essentially looking like it is going backwards in the sky- but guess what?

It’s actually just an optical illusion. It isn’t actually going backward at all. It’s just making you think it is so you can RELOOK at some things before you move forward with your plans. 

Remember in school when they said “be sure you go over all your answers before you hand in your test.” That is essentially when Mercury Rx is all about. 

This is a very important time. 
We get to revisit something from the past and maybe get a second chance at something to either let it go or bring it back to life.


There is so much information out there on this topic that you can search up and I’m sure one of the things you will see has a lot to do with this statement, 


Yes, Mercury Rx tends to bring this too light. 

Do I think you should text your ex during this time?
That depends. 

I think you know you best. 
I think you have an intuitive knowing at whats right and whats not.
I think that theres an intention behind what you’re feeling and you need to listen to it. 

Sometimes things come back around for a reason. 

If the relationship was at all TOXIC and or made YOU FEEL like crud. 

NO – do not feed the urge. 
Mercury is testing you. 

Mercury is seeing how much you are in your worth. 

If they come back around and message you… I HIGHLY RECOMMEND using that guidance system I was talking about. 
At the end of the day it’s either going to work or it’s not. 

And if there is something that was left unsaid well- this time might just bring it back around to be looked at. 

Just be aware it MAY potentially not be to get back together. 

BUT HEY- you know that answer to that.. NOT ME. 


That leads me into my last point about this time. 
I like to refer to this time as that of KARMA. 

Sometimes it’s more potent than others all depending on where this RX falls in your birth chart. CHECK HERE! ( look to see what sign your Mercury is in and what house… or just read the description that comes with it – YOU’RE WELCOME 🙂 

Sometimes things that come back around are here because of Karma. 
I truly believe that sometimes it’s good KARMA that comes around during this time to ultimately clear the path forward so you can live your authentic destiny ONCE AND FOR ALL…. ( if only it were that easy hey?)

Karma is beautiful. 
It is one of the biggest teachers. Good or Bad.

Maybe Karma is neither good nor bad?
… food for thought!

Mercury Retrograde isn’t anything to fear. 

Laugh at the memes. 
Say the sayings. 


we’re literally ALL FEELING THE EFFECTS. 

If your communication, thoughts and feelings are all a little WONKY, congrats YOU’RE IN THE FLOW! 

Ride the wave and come out the other side revived and ready to start again with a burst of energy and WAY MORE clarity. 

Enjoy this time. 
It’s here to teach you and to propel you forward…. eventually 😉

…. and no mercury is NOT in Gatorade 

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