energy report

mmmmmmmmm do you get it now?
Do you see what this was all for?

Do you understand your lessons, your trials and tribulations?
Do you get it now?

Look who’s decided to show up!
OHHHh look!. There’s a surprise.

A part of you, you thought you’d forgotten is coming to life. 

It makes sense.

There’s the key. 
There’s the piece. Here is the combination of it falling into place.

We told you not to worry.
We told you not to be scared.
You were always meant to get exactly right here. 

Look both ways before you cross the street because there’s so many things coming at you that are literally going to be right  in front of your face. 

Things are blooming, picking up pace. This energy is fast, steady and one of direct speed. Look who went through the tunnel and reached the light. 

Look who decided to embrace the flow of uncertainty and make it to the other side. 

Do you get it now?

Welcome to March. 
Welcome to your FULL BLOOM. 
Welcome to the month where we ask you to show up. 

To FULLY show up. 
In every way shape and form. 

There isn’t any more room for the bull excuses. 
There isn’t anymore room for the fear of failure to take over your being. 
There simply isn’t any more room for you NOT to bloom. 

This is the month were we need you to become every single essence of who you were always meant to be. 

This is the month where you show the world the parts of you that have been growing, that have been healing. This is the month were we need you to show the world what we have been trying to teach you all along. We need you to be the teacher. The teacher the world needs. 

The light in your soul needs to lead the way on this one. 

NO! THIS ISN’T A DREAM… this is your reality. 

Pinch yourself.
Wake up. 
Come to life. 

This is the moment you have been waiting for. 

Let the sun hit your skin, let it all sink in. 

We need you to BLOOM. 

We need you to step into your wholeness, we need you to take all the clues we gave to you in February and run with them. 

This is the full speed ahead toward your dreams. This is the moment and month where you don’t just get to dream, its where you take the dreams and make them come to life…. no matter how scary they may seem. 


No, this isn’t a test. 
This thing you’ve been presented with is real. 
It’s ready for you now. 

Stop the fear, doubt and self sabotage now. 

It’s all coming in because of the work you have put in. 
The passion you have been living with has been watering your creations and now it’s time to see them bloom. 

Some are going to happen over night, some will take a few weeks…. but it’s all going to come faster than you think. 

You have been putting in so much work behind the scenes that this is going to be a shock to your system on how fast it comes too your line of sight. You have been pushing. You have been waning. You have been in a place of unsure foggy sight. 

That’s lifting. 

It’s time that this all comes to life. 

No, no I didn’t say it would be easy. 
No, it’s still going to be work and it’s going to take your energy and all your love. 
But it’s going to come to you in a way that helps you change and evolve your life. 

It’ll be a shock but you my dear will be more than all right. 

The faith you have been holding on to will not steer you in the wrong direction, it’ll only lead you to the place where the treasure lays waiting for you to find it. 

There isn’t anything more potent than this wild unknown exciting energy pushing you into a place that has been waiting for you this whole time. 

Get out of your own way and let your intuition be your guide. 

Let it lead on this one.
Let your heart be the one who finds the right way this time. 

You’re going to know.
You’re going to know that this is the time. 
That this is truly that perfectly aligned and divined time. 

The time to BLOOM into all of you. 
All you’ve been waiting for. 
All you have been working for. 
It’s all right now. 
This is the time to come fully to life. 


DM @bravelybeautifulblog for more info about this event and see Instagram for more energy updates on all this NEW ENERGY coming in and how to work with it.


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