final full moon – VIRGO teachings…

There is something very final about this full moon. 

There is something incredibly healing and final about the energy going on in the universal skies. 

This is the last Full Moon of the Astrological Year. 

We are embarking on the ending of a year that was filled with a lot of changes which were brought on by upheaval and huge breakdowns. 

There’s a huge part of this moon that feels like a release and cleanse all in one. 

It also feels so new. So brand new. 

It’s a reminder that within every ending there is a new beginning and it marks a change in cycle. A change in life. A much needed reset.

Where were you August 30th 2019?
What was life like then?
What events were close to that date?

Theres something special about this Full Moon. 

It’s the harvest of our goods.
We have put in so much work into making them grow. 

Our flowers are budding, they are blooming. 

We are about to see the beauty of all the darkness we had to go through in order to bloom. 

Becoming has never been easy. 
Growing isn’t comfortable. 

And the bigger the flower, the more we need to grow.The more we need to look at our environment.The more we need to see what we’re feeding ourselves. 

The stories we tell ourselves.
The beliefs we hold.
Do they help or hinder our growth?

This is why the darkness in our development is so beyond powerful. Much like a flower in the soil, building and growing daily. 

There is so much in the soil, so much in the dark parts of our growth. The darkness shows us parts of ourselves that need to be healed in order to move forward. 

In order to live a NEW blooming life. 

The bigger your flower, the more to dig up. The more to sift through. And YOU, you are budding into the biggest, most beautifully radiating flower you have ever been. 

Thats why it was so hard. 
Why it was so dark. 

That’s why the last six months showed you all of your hurt. 

All that made you so uncomfortable. 
You had to go through that …to GROW through it. 

This Full Moon is the final release of all that darkness. Of all that you found in your shadow lurking around trying to keep you safe and small. 

This Full Moon is pushing it all out. It has been pushing it all out. 

That pressure cooker you have been amplified in….. using all the energy you possibly have left in your tank to hold on and pray for more. It was all preparing you for this. 

This full moon is the means to and end. 

It’s blessing you. 

Blessing you with surrender. 
Surrender into the unknown wild possibility that is WAY BETTER than you ever expected. 

So release. 
Release all that was. 

Because it’s no longer going to be that way anymore. 

Holding on hurts. 

It isn’t what is meant for you anymore. 

Let it go. 
Open up. 

Let this Full Moon illuminate the way. 

Let this Full Moon be the way forward into something way better than you ever imagined. 

This is the real deal. 
Believe it. 
Trust it. 

Wether you have been experiencing and intense mental health struggle, or physical ailments or other health struggles, you are aligning now. You have been being prepped for what you are meant to do in this world. 

This Virgo Full Moon is showing you this. 

This is the moon of healing. 
This is the moon of hard work.
This is moon of mental motion. 

This is moon cycle of mental health and anxiety. 
This is the moon cycle that is coming to a close. 

This is the moon cycle that illuminated all of this for something. 

This is the moon you get to see why. 
This is the moon you get to understand your feelings. 

It wasn’t a coincidence. 
It was meant to be all along. 

You did it. 
You made it through. 
You unbelievable human you. 
This is the moon you walk your path. 

The moon that lets you choose forward into the blessing you worked incredibly hard for. 

You are worthy. 
You are deserving. 
You are ready to fly. 

This Full Moon is lighting the way down the whole new path of your life. 

……It’s leading you to a whole new world after all. 


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