the tower….

This is the tower. 
It’s coming down. 
It’s crashing all around us. 

Our faith is shaking.
Our feet are losing footing.

We don’t know what to do as it all comes down crumbling. How? Why? How does this happen to our human race? 

The Tower. 
The card of the tarot that gets a lot of hate. 

The card of the tarot that means endings in site. One that sends change out into the atmosphere usually without a clue in sight. It happens. Sometimes faster than the speed of light. Without warning. Without a sign. It falls. It falls quickly and with a lot of might. 

This tower card comes to change things up. To flip scripts and shift the world in a brand new way. A way that can’t be seen. A way that is hard to describe.

This tower card is coming to ultimately give you more light. To give you more of a home, more of a place that feels right. 

The tower is coming to give things a shake. To abruptly change all that is hurting the world as we currently know it. 

This tower is coming to shake shit up. 
This tower is here and it’s falling quite rapidly. 

Faster and faster as the days go by. 

It’s in these moments we are shown the collective community as a whole. We are shown how beautiful life really is when things take their toll. We are shown the simple things. The small bits and pieces that give us our home. We find gratitude for small things like water and daylight. Like the love we feel from someone’s voice or a stranger crossing the street.

It’s in these moments we want to run, hide, scream and cry. We want to burry our heads and pray for better days. But we can’t. We can’t run from the tower. We have to find a way to see it as a way to start something new. 

To allow the space of what was to be filled with something so entirely brand new. 

We don’t like brand new. 
We don’t like to be forced into change. 

But tower moments come when we have been given multiple… MULTIPLE... chances to break free from the mold. When we have been given opportunity to change but somehow we didn’t listen. 

It’s time to awaken. 
It’s time to shift focus into the new line of sight. 


It’s time to join the journey of your head with your heart. 
It’s time to let your mind wander and step into your light. 

This tower is coming to break you open, to push down the walls you’ve built so strongly around your heart. 

Life, my dear was made to have you here.  This is where we need you most. Where we need your light to shine as brightly as can be. Because when the tower is involved it moves us off our feet. We need your brightness, your beauty, your talents. We need what you have to pull us through in such unknown moments.

This moment is a lapse in time. 
One that is shifting the world at large. 
One that is turning things around. 
One that’s coming to reset the stage. 
To give a more solid ground. 

Let the tower fall. 

And on its way down reach out. 
Reach for the hand of the ones you love. 

Let love be the guide on this one. 
Let it be the light in the darkness. 

It’s in these moments we need to become more of what we already are… individually and as a whole.We need each other just as much as we need ourselves.

This tower is coming to show you this.
To show you the beauty of how human connection can change the world.

It’s coming to remind you you’re never alone.
It’s coming to show you surrender.
To show you the unknown. 
To teach you how to lead.
How to have faith and how to believe.

Things cannot and will not be the same. 

We’re shifting states of consciousness at a rapid unwaveringly pace. It’s time to welcome change. It’s time to let the old ways die. It’s time to start again. Start with new insight. 

This tower isn’t the end.
It’s the beginning.

Let it fall.
Let yourself rise. 

The time is now for a massive change and for us ALL to align. 

if you are feeling like you need support during this time PLEASE do not hesitate to reach out to me over on instagram or send me an email. We need one another in such uncertain times and with the motions we are experiencing – I am more than happy to support you through the process. You Are NOT Alone. xo- court 

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