To the Empaths…

This ones for you.

For the ones who were told they were too much.
Who were told they were too sensitive.

For the ones who walk through this world feeling, bleeding their emotions on their sleeves. For the ones who pick up the pain of others and hold it within their own celestial body taking away the pain of the ones who hurt.

For the ones who experience joy for others on a level that doesn’t even have words to describe.

This is for the ones who’s hearts are bigger and bolder than anything you can physically see. This is for the ones who have always felt this intensity within their chest that leaks into the rest of their body without warning.
Without choice. Just having a place where this emotion lays.

This is for the ones who would do anything for another.

For the ones who inherits emotions of others and selflessly takes them on, trying to learn, trying to navigate and how to disassociate from what is theirs and what is not.

For the ones who have to learn boundaries to an a new extent.
A level that takes years to learn, years to understand.

For the ones who have always been told how big your heart is.


Your superpower was innately given to you. It was given to you to use.
To feel- so you can heal. You are the worlds saving grace. You are not too much. You are not too sensitive. You are not anything more than a human who has a power to feel everything from extreme highs to extreme lows. That makes you you. Your beautiful heart. Your incredible soul. You are deep and your emotions run soulfully from within you which in turn, flow onto others. That’s a gift. That is your gift.

Believe that your feelings, your emotions are something to be proud of. They are yours. They are your heart. They are the way you see the world. And everytime you feel you heal.

You came to be a healer.

You came to feel.

You came to show this world kindness, beauty, grace, elegance, and a intense heart. Your soul came here darling for this.

You are not too much.
You are everything you were meant to be and more.

Feel those feelings from a place of beautiful intensity.
Open your heart to limitless potential, passion and fluidity.

Your soul wants to fly and to fly you have to choose to listen to your heart. Your heart wants to feel it all.

The good, the bad, the heartbreak.

The amazing out of body blissful love. It wants it all.

You darling,
Get to feel.

Get to live and breathe this. For this is your gift.

For yourself. For others. For the world.
Your heart is as pure as it is powerful.

You daring are an Empath.

Honour this.

xo – me 

2 thoughts on “To the Empaths…

  1. Beautifully said, Courtney! I think it truly is a special gift to be empathic. I would rather be that way than be insensitive. 🌈🌈❤️❤️


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