A Whole New World

Theres a knowing.
A simple feeling.
One that we just cant ignore.

It’s coming to us at every angle, at every distance, at every speed.
It’s coming to us with not much insight.

Knowing this is crazy.
knowing that what we are facing is our current reality, and not just a dream is scary.

But we know, what we are feeling, what we are churning…
We know this is a knowing that things wont ever be the same ever again.
Not even one bit.

Everything has changed.
Nothing remains the same.

The World as we know it is gone. It’s not the same. and wont ever be again.

Life is different.
As we walk down the streets, and the distance we have to keep.
The pull to scarcity is real and raw.
It cuts deeper and deeper as we fade more into this wild bizarre unknown.

Within this knowing there is so much more than what we are seeing and what we are feeling. It’s like the ultimate leap of faith that’s been forced upon us. It’s a call to trust that somehow and someway we will all be okay. Because within this knowing there is a spark within each of us that knows, that knows this will bring us what is best for humanity as a whole.

Our World is changing.
It has changed.

There will be no going back.
There will be no returning to how things were.

It’s finally time to acknowledge where we are.
It’s finally time to listen and speak the calling of your soul.

We are shifting into A Whole New World.
( cue the Aladdin song )

“ A new fantastic point of view, from what up here it’s crystal clear.”

There is something throughout all of this change and upheaval that we as humans can’t see. It isn’t a tangible thing that we can physically see thats going on behind the scenes, it’s totally and completely out of our control.

But there is something they want us to know.
Our guides, our spirits, the higher power within all of us, they want us to know this….

They want us to know that if we knew what they did-we wouldn’t freak out.
We would be okay. We wouldn’t worry so much. We would trust in the surrender of the unfolding of life. We would choose love above everything and anything else. We would lean into the time that is being given to love your loved ones. To spend time creating a base for your new life to form. For you to take care of yourself, to love yourself, to heal from all that has happened thus far.

If we could see the reason to why everything is changing, well that wouldn’t be very fun now would it?

None of this is fun. It’s scary and intimidating and riddled with fear and anxiety. But look at you learning to surf. Look at you figuring it out. Look at your resilient brave heart.

Our World right now is a scary place to live from province to province, to country to  valley. All the places of the world are currently experiencing a different type of virtual reality.

Our World will never be the same this we know.
We know in our hearts we’re entering a new timeframe in life.
One that will look differently than it ever has before.
One that we get to have a serious look at and decide what is working and whats not anymore.

The structures have to change.
Our systems need to change.
Our beliefs are different.
Our values have evolved.

The old way of life, it’s no longer more.

So what is this new way of life you are speaking of ?
What will happen? Please tell us more!

Lots of things are constantly taking place behind the scenes of this magical thing called life. We are humans and want to know every single answer, but the answer to this is the act of surrender.

This new world , this new way of life has been building for a while.
It’s been seeping into the lives of you, of me and of the people in our community. Urging us to heal, urging us to purge the old stuff so we can get ready to energetically carry forward what we need to during this transition to our “New Age World’.

Look around.
What do you see?
How are you feeling?
What are YOUR beliefs?

While we transition into what was and what will be, it wont be easy. It wont always be fun. It wont be a quick walk through the park.

It’s going to be hard. You will feel sad, hurt, anger and fear. You will worry and you will cry. You will fight and argue with others and you may not even know why.

You are being invited to test the old, by choosing the new.
By deciding to emulate the beauty of others you wish to see evolve.

This is a test, the in between.

How much more can you surrender to what you cannot see?

How can you shine your light a little bit more?
How can you move forward while choosing LOVE over FEAR?

I wish I could tell you how this will all play out. I wish I could ease your mind and settle your heart. I so wish I could.

But knowing all the answers would overwhelm you too.

Maybe, just maybe we aren’t meant to know the way. Maybe, just maybe this is the new way of doing things. Of blind optimism. Of faith. Of trusting in the things we don’t know.

As we go into this New World that is birthing right before our eyes , as we learn to walk again, and we start from somewhere that we’ve never ever been, we have to support and encourage one another to rise. To stand up. To believe. To gather what they need to fully step into the person they came here to be.

“A Whole New World, a new fantastic point of view. No one to tell us no or where to go, or say were only dreaming. A whole new world, with new horizons to to pursue…. let me share this whole new world with you. ”

You are here right now on this planet for a reason.
You are here because your soul signed up for this.
You are here because the world needs what you SPECIFICALLY came here to do. You are here because we need your magic.

This New World that is emerging isn’t one that has ever been seen before. It wasn’t what we learned about in books. It doesn’t have anything to do with flying cars.

It has everything to do with humanity at large. It has to do with kindness, love and gentle vulnerability.

It has to do with showing the people that the world can and is a beautiful place that SHOULD be filled with peace, love and EXTREME harmony.

It has to do with teaching and lessons to those who came long ago, who were told they couldn’t cry. Who were told they needed to fear, to hold onto, to hoard, to greed. It has to do with the overall healing of the collective emergence of the old society merging it’s way into ours.

This Whole New World.
Freedom like you’ve never seen before with emerge.

LOVE will be stronger and so will resiliency.

In this New World Vulnerability is Bravery.
It’s the norm of our society.

This New World is where all possibilities of saving the globe as we know it will take place. One where your heart beat lights the way.
Where no one is scared to love. Where walls are ripped down from around our hearts, our boarders, and our overall collective as a globally wide community.

This is our world.
This is our planet.
This is our home.

These are our people. 
Theses are our humans.
These are the ones we love.

They need us.
We need us.

This Whole New World NEEDS us.

The other side of this is going to look and feel completely different from anything you have ever experienced before. Breathe and surrender to the unfolding of uncertainty and trust that this is going to be the change you have been awaiting, the change you know and feel the world really truly needs.

“ We Got Chu”
    – spirit guides 

One thought on “A Whole New World

  1. Beautifully articulated, Courtney! Yes, it truly is a whole new world! Scary because we have a fear of the unknown.
    Take care, be safe! ❤️


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