that thing that connects us all….

There’s something that connects us all. 

It’s sometimes invisible and sometimes bright, bold and very apparent to our human eye. 

Sometimes we feel it.
Sometimes we don’t.

There are even times we see it exactly the same from opposing sides of the world. 

We are human beings.

We walk this earth daily in our minds, busy walking our own path. 

This world is our home. 
It’s the place we reside in. 

Human to human. 
We all live here. 

But there is something that runs deeper that connects us all. 

Not the ocean.
Not the mutual friends we have on the internet. Not our similarities or interests. 
None of these are what I’m referring too.

These are surface-level connectors. 

What really connects us is just as deep as the ocean. And has us all riding crazy tides and catching waves. It brings us closer to our soul family. And it helps us see our similarities and expand our interests. 

But what I’m talking about here is different.
It’s not always seen. 

But it is always felt. 

In some way shape or form, what connects us is feeling. Our emotions. 
What connects us all is up in the sky. 
It’s the same thing we all see shining down ever so brightly. 

The Moon.

The Moon represents feelings and emotions. That in which we humans down here on earth feel. That in which we find connections with others. Others who feel similar. With others who share our interest. With others who become our soul fam. Our tribe. 

When we look up in the sky and see this brightly lit up circle… we’re all looking at the same beautiful thing. All staring at the same figure. All looking to something so magical. All connecting in a place and time which we all see the same thing. 

There’s no divide. 
No wall is built. 

No discrimination.

It’s physically right there and we all see the same thing. 

And although the moon switches sides to show herself, we still look at the same moon. 

The same one you saw, is the same one the person you love is looking at. 
The same person who you grew so close with and moved away, looks at the same one too.

While you look at the moon where you are, someone else is looking too.

Someone else did right before they went to sleep, and now so are you. 

We are all human beings. 
We all feel feelings. 
That, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Life gives us situations that don’t always taste like a big gulp of lemonade. 

Sometimes instead it tastes sour. 
Sometimes it feels funky.

Sometimes it feels like you simply cannot go on. Confusing. Lost. And unsure of your footing. 

Life gives you sweet and salty. 
Life gives us feelings. 
Life gives us others who come to teach us. 

The moon connects us all. 
Just as the emotions we feel connect us all as well. 

Just like the waves of the ocean, they all connect.

On a deeper and more ‘spiritual’ level, life is about experiencing these emotions. The good. The bad and the ugly. Life is about exploring these depths and seeing and hearing them in others as well. 

So in a physical sense, the moon is our emotions.

We feel it when it’s full. We feel it when it’s new. We feel when it’s changing and turning over into something brave and beautiful. 

This happens to each and every one of you. 

We all have the same feelings. 
We experience them differently.
We feel them differently.

They often look different.
They are unique in the package they come in.
But. The similarity is the feeling is the same.

That’s what connects us. 
The stories we tell. 
The empathy we can truly feel. 

Connects us all. 

Just as the moon does. 

When I look up at the moon I am reminded of all those I love. Of all those, I’ve loved before. Of those on the other side of the world who I think of daily and don’t get to see. I’m reminded of how small the world really is. How beautiful life can be. I’m reminded of the brightness we all deserve to see. Im reminded of the beauty of the power of this special connectivity. 

I’m reminded that we’re all just here in this tiny little place on earth, trying our best. And lastly, I’m reminded of a place that is my home. One in which I have a power the burns brightly inside of me.

The moon is this beautiful reminder of all the ways we are truly connected. In all the ways that we are here together. Never alone exploring this wild unknown. 

It’s the moon that helps us feel and ride the waves that life gives us by bringing us people who feel the same experiences. 

We are all interconnected. 
We are all humans.
We all feel.

Thank you, Moon, for showing us just how real.
Just how real it is to truly feel. 


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