Dear Millennials,


You have come here for more reasons than anyone has ever given you credit for. And in a time like this. We need you more than ever.

You are the ones with spirits that are free and wild.
You see things differently.
You learn differently.

You have the ability to attain knowledge at a faster speed than anyone previously before wifi.

You like the things in life that others may find silly.
* hint hint – Your avocado toast and 5 dollar lattes.

These are the things that make you guys unique and different.

You are the in between generation.
The generation born both with and without technology.

You came here for a reason just as every generation has.
But it hasn’t ever been more clear than it is right now that you came here for this moment right now.


You can’t afford houses.
You’re swimming in your school debt.
You were expected to stay in the same place forever, yet thats not what your soul wanted.

You were and are the in between generation.

The generation that came to make the shift.
The generation that is here to show the world a new way of being that is different from the rest.

During this time of crisis and a massive world pandemic, you guys are finding a way to use the tools you were given to make the most out of this situation.

You are innovators.
You are social justice warriors.
You all have your own opinions.

You have come to disrupt the status quo and change structures and developments that just no longer flow.


You were born with Pluto in Scorpio. The sign of death and rebirth. Of transformation. Of knowing that life can be different if you would just let go and allow new ways to show.

Letting go isn’t easy for any of you, however it’s something you came here to show the world how to do it.

Often times we need to learn a lesson over and over again so we become able to teach it.

This is it.
This is the time.

This is when Millennials need to shine.

The worlds stage is crumbling leaving many people worried and hopeless.
Confused and quite restless.

This is where you get to shine your light and show up in the world standing in your spotlight.

You are innovators.
You are believers.
You are dreamers.
You are doers.

You have gotten a bad rap because you haven’t ever been fully understood.
Until now, until this moment.

Life needs you.
The world needs you.

To lead.
To step up.
To really and indefinitely shoot and aim high at the stars.

The world is changing and we need your views, your perspective and your points of views.

The way things were will never be again.
Because of this we are forging a brand new path all over again.

This is your purpose, this is why you are here.

You have a way of being the generation that can take the old and repurpose it in new and better ways.

You have come to disrupt cycles.
You have come lead down this new path.

In this crisis, in this pandemic.. it’s important that you use what sets you apart and makes you different from the rest.

We need you.
The world needs you.
You need to light the way.

It’s time for the worlds stage to change in new and invigorating different ways.

This is your time.
The time that you came here to be part of.
To show the world how different life can be and how much more we can truly benefit from it.

Your time has come.

We need you now.
We need you here.
We need your voice.
We need your purpose to guide us down this new hallway of life.

Everything is about to change and it’s going to give hope.
It’s going to awaken a lot of people who have been living in an outdated state of mind.

This path that is emerging is one that is in your favour.
One that will help you.
One that will give you a fighting chance.
One that will you give what you need so you can inherently give back.

So put down the Avo.
Get your latte ready.

Get ready to show them that FREEDOM is the way. And that things can ACTUALLY WORK DIFFERENTLY. 


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