the waves of emotion…

Just as the tides turn so do emotions.
In and out just like the waves.

As we learn to navigate and surf uncharted waters, feelings arise.
Feelings of uncertainty, discomfort, fear and a feeling of being brought to our knees suddenly appears.

Life is ever so changing.
Inevitability this is true.

Yet, somehow when we get swept away in this it’s hard to remember how and what to do.

There isn’t a rule book for when chaos strikes.
There isn’t a tool box, or instructions in sight.

Thats the thing.
The thing about life.

You see, its kind of like surfing.

Surfing is one of the most incredible metaphors for all of our human existence here in this life.

The tides change in the ocean, just as we do with time.
Time ages us, teaches us and with every wave we become a little
more weathered, a little more daring, and A LOT more brave.

Because within this we learn how to flow.
How to let things come, and how to let things go.

You see, it’s never easy.
Somehow all the things in life that are easy… well they aren’t as satisfying. 

And surfing, surfing is anything but easy.
In fact it teaches us the most.

It teaches us how to paddle fast and swim out to the deep dark depths.
Maybe even to places we haven’t ever seen or previously felt.

It teaches us how to be brave and how to tune into what needs to happen next.

It shows us how to trust.
Trust in ourselves as we try something new.
As we do our best too ‘just go with the flow’.

And just like the waves are fluid in the ocean, so are our thoughts and same with our emotions.

These feelings we feel.
These thoughts that swarm in.

They tell you more than you think, they tell you how to dive in.

Emotions come in waves.
They don’t stay forever, but they come to teach you something. Something real. Something that maybe needs permission to heal.

When we sit with the wave, when we let it do it’s thing, we open up
a door of wild possibility.

Suddenly instead of fighting the wave, instead of repressing its urge we realize how light it feels to actually surf.

Emotions come and emotions go.

Every experience is different.
Some feel good and some hurt like hell.

Sometimes you catch the wave.
And sometimes you don’t.

Theres no right way to catch the wave.

But by learning to surf, you empower yourself to get up when things get hard.
When things get tough. You choose to challenge yourself. You decide to ride the
crazy wave of life, knowing that there is no certainty, no clarity. Just growth.
Lessons. And this fleeting moment in time.

So during this time we all find ourselves in.
I challenge you to think.
I challenge you to maybe do something you have’t ever done before while you
are “stuck” inside.

Sit with yourself.
Ask yourself -“who you are?”

With a blank slate and time to investigate, you might actually find a wave you like.

You might find a wave that teaches you a new technique, or maybe one that
changes your perspective in life.

In times of uncertainty it’s easy to let the waves flood over us.
It’s easy to let our minds spiral, which can get in the way.
It’s easy to let fear be the one catching the next wave.

But look at your life.
Look at yourself.
Look at who you have become.
Look at who you will be from here on out.

You will become a person who can surf.
A person who can flow through tides, experiencing emotions as emotions arise.

You’re learning the true meaning behind bravery, and what vulnerability really means.
You are learning how to navigate waters you haven’t ever explored.

Learn to surf.
Learn that you’re brave.
Learn how to finally catch that wave.

And remember this one thing…

Just as the tides come in, they also go out.

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