energy report – may 2020

May the weather wash away the dust of the past and the sun bring light into the love you seek and the relationships you have.

This month is split.
Split into two energies.

One that’s soft, slow, gentle and filled with ease. With a sense of healing. It’s close to the heart. It doesn’t feel painful. But it does feel deep.

Collectively we are now in the stage of acceptance. Accepting what is.
With this comes time to sit. When we sit thoughts surface. Unconscious thoughts become conscious. Our bodies, ready to heal.

Our globe is ready to heal.

This month, especially the first two weeks, we will be called for deep introspection. A time of releasing emotions met with surrender. We might even feel a more peaceful embodiment of the people around us. The harshness coming to an end. More validity in the fact that we’re moving forward.

Healing can be hard. It can feel painful to cry. It can also feel really, really good.
Rain makes the flowers grow.
This is the time to let yourself bloom.

I’m shown two hands. Two people standing side by side looking one another in the eyes and holding hands.

“Take my hand, together we’ll get through this.”

A reminder that even when we feel alone, we aren’t. We don’t have to do this alone.

Being scared is more than okay.
But the fear in this doesn’t get to drown out the love and support you have supporting you forward.

This months energy is split into two.

The second half of this month we move into Gemini – quite different from Taurus.

There will be an urge to literally want to hold hands. To touch. To be social. To gather in groups. To break the rules.

It’s a natural reaction.

When the tides turn and the ocean is quiet we catch a break…..we feel the restlessness.
We feel the desire to be with others. To get closer to what we want.

But with this we need to be careful.

What have we learned?
What has this taught us?
What’s the way forward ?

Mays energy feels different than any other May before.
And although it still brings May showers, these come to clear, to heal for a renewal. To help the flowers we planted bloom. To help our gardens grow. If we push, if we go backwards, if we choose to break the rules even a little. We take the risk of disintegrating all our hard work.

The next six months holds a lot of energy around healing and moving forward. This is the beginning. Only the beginning. The beginning of steps being taken to slowly move forward toward a new direction in life. We need to honour where we have been and bridge the gap into where we are headed. Now and forever more.

This month is about healing.
Healing the collective unconscious.
Healing it to become conscious. To wake up. To smell and to see in new and different ways.

We’re ready for this.
We’re open for this.

We have to take the next steps, no matter how slow and how steady they may take.

We’re all playing a huge part in this reset.
We’re all taking part in the best way we can.
We’re all healing our inner world and old traumas which have manifested in the world around us. Now it’s time for us to take charge. Take hold. Take initiative. To be brave. To step out of the old. To begin the process of a life untold.

May this month bring you grace, ease, abundance and a brand new sense of identity in your awakened destiny.


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