into the void…

Welcome to the void

There’s a space between where you are and where you want to be.
This space comes to you to allow you time.
Time to grieve.
Time to allow.
Time to just simply be.

There’s a space like this in and during every transition. And the more uncomfortable you become that’s how you can measure the transformation.

Voids feel empty and not yet fulfilling.
Confusing. Scary. Uncomfortable even.

These places in our lives serve as a purpose for getting ready to birth something new into the world…. it’s the world’s way of getting you ready. Ready to leave what was. Ready to welcome in what is and what will be from now on.

This is the space where you fall to your knees and you feel incomplete.

Sometimes I even think of that Britney Spears song- “I’m not a girl, not yet a woman”

Or in between ages. The uncomfortable growth occurs between gaps of time like between 20-35.

These times in our lives feel weird and stagnant. Yet when we look back in the times of our lives we have felt this before, we can see from a wider perspective of the purpose they served.

Into the void is a place we want to miss. We want to jump and go into what we feel is next. The foggy void of feeling empty and incomplete isn’t a place that we were taught to be.

Yet a pandemic comes along and changes that narrative. Into one where the people see how the void can have the ability to change up the masses.

How the void can be helpful at slowing things down. How it can be helpful to those who need it to slow down.

The void is like a reset. A place to stand still.
To just accept what is and be confident in what will.

Maybe we could even say that a void is a place where people finally believe in the mystery of hope and of faith.

As we enter this week is the tail end of the void and it feels like it starts to pick up speed.

Meaning that many of the seeds of hope we planted are growing faster than we can even believe.

Life is about to go from slow to fast and at this time we have to remember to have patience with this.

Our bodies are adjusting.
Our hearts are feeling tender.
Our souls want to be held, heard and for you to be gentle.

As we move from the void into the new, there won’t be much time to think things through. This becomes the space in which all you have pondered will be granted to you, it’s then your choice what you should do.

The test of time some may call it.
Coming out of a void into a brand new world.
What do you choose to do with it?

If there was a message here for you it would be this, it would be to listen and to remember your wish.

Remember when this started and you felt so sad when you wanted it to be over and you begged for it all to come back?

But then you got comfy. You find peace. You slowed right down and let the void bring you ease.

In that space you got to listen. The world was quiet enough to hear what was going to happen. It came to you in nudges from the people around you, from the whispers of your soul – they spoke up to tell you.

Now is this time as we get ready to bloom and exit the void of this apparent dark room. While you feel ready your actions need to match. As you get ready it’s important to remember that.

This is a bit of a test.
A Space where you get to show the world the person you found amongst the darkness of that void room.

So remember this as you go.
As you exit the house.
As you show up in the world from this day forward.
Are you being true to you?
Are you honouring your heart?

You’ve changed.
You’ve grown.
You’ve become someone who deserves to live from a place with their whole entire heart.

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