energy report…

It’s time to remember who you came here to be.

Time to remember the person who has a life worth living.
It’s in these moments of unclear and utter uncertainty you meet the transformation of your wildest dreams.

It’s in this month’s energy that you find yourself experiencing the waves of change.
It’s in this month you find a way to let go and allow what’s always been meant to be to finally sage-way itself into your life.

The sadness subsides.
The rush of emotion a rise.

These feelings will be waves of in and out of transitional tides.
Just as they turn in, they also turn out.

Knowing the way you work and what you do and how you are THAT is the key to following your heart.

As we move through this month in wrapping up a season, there’s a reason why you’re going back… back for a reason.

June needs closure.
This month needs you to look at the spaces that have been long overdue.

Through they say-it’s the only way.
No avoidance tactics can stand in your way.

If you want what you say you want, this is your moment to step into your light and move forward with strength to determine what it is you want for the rest of your life.

There’s something about you that’s been waiting for a while.
Part of you confused and excited at the same time, exhausted from a fight you could no longer fight.

This is the month to laugh and look back.
To play and sit down and allow yourself to appreciate the mess.
To sit here and see from a Birdseye view, of the beautiful chaos you just lived through.

No life isn’t normal, it never will be.
Never will be the way it use to be.

Maybe this month is coming for you to take a moment to see the beauty in that statement mixed with a hint of curiosity.

There may be a split. A split in the energies. Some anger some bitterness, some whirlwind of anxiety.

As we move through the change into what feels like level two of a game we wanted to finish forever ever ago… it’s important to remember that everyone is changing.
We are all growing. All blooming. On some level all worrying.

June is the start of something new.
Something like I said- has been long overdue.
There’s laughter here. A playful nature.
One that will allow us to all finally be together.

More singing, more dancing, more long nights gathered around a circle of our closest allies.

This month is creative and wants you to explore places of your heart you can no longer ignore.

There’s a calling your name.
A calling from your soul.

June wants you to realize you can have it all.

This month is about letting go of the past and getting ready to fill that space with all of what’s next.

There are no answers to what that will be as of yet.
There isn’t an answer or guarantee of what the world will look like tomorrow, the next hour and it’s quite clear we are learning to accept uncertainty here.

As you navigate this month and the energies it brings remember to deeply question everything.

This is your chance to be curious George. This is the space to play. To play in the place of unknown territory. Imagine it’s a country you’ve never been to. Immerse yourself in the newness of what’s about to begin for you.

A journey of life you’ve never been down.
This is what June brings forward now.

Laugh it off and smile for once…. These are the moments you’ll tell them about.
These are the moments that you’ll remember the most.

Be safe, have fun.
And don’t forget to play.

Allow June to take you on your way. 


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