A letter from 2020….

I wrote this in December 2019. I sat in wrote as if 2020 were speaking to us all as a global collective. I looked back in my notes where I have many unpublished blogs and poetic notes… and saw this one. It jumped out at me. I sat there and read it and thought hmm how interesting. And then June 1st came around and things began to feel different, yet again in the world surrounding me.It didn’t feel appropriate to post anything of MY OWN, within my own stories for this Sunday. As I am doing my best to learn and take in all that is around me. That being said… I’m very interested in this letter, in these words that poured out of me. Maybe a message for us all.. maybe one we all need to see.


This is your year. 

You’ve probably heard this saying so many times by now. 

But guess what?

I’m here to tell you this, 

THIS IS YOUR YEAR, but only if you want it to be. 

This year you’re going to FEEL and you’re going to feel deeper than you’ve ever felt before. 

Are you ready for that ? 

Oh, darling I know. 
I know thats scary. 
But you’ve been prepared for this. 

This is the year that you get to feel what it was all meant for. 

You get to feel the opening of your heart like never before. 
You get to feel what it’s like to truly LIVE. TO LOVE. To not only love others, but yourself. 

This wont be easy, no. 
Im sorry to say it won’t be a walk in the park. It’s going to be a walk with rose bushes and lots of prickles that pop up. 

You might even trip on a few rocks. 
You may even enter a dark forest and loose your way. 

You might. 

Because this year is about opening and expanding your heart. 

Its about living from your ultimate limitless potential. Its about following your dreams, your heart. 

Thats scary, isn’t it?

But thats what this year is all about. You’ll go forward and you’ll go backward- but this time you’ll feel the WHY. 
You’ll feel strong in your choices. Because your values are strong. Because you know what you deserve and desire. 
Because you’ve been doing this work. 
Because YOU are DOING the work. 

Life is all about ups and downs. 

This year is all about expansion. 
2020 is YOUR YEAR, but only if you let it be. 

SO I pose this question to you…. 

When the time comes and its sink or swim- what do you do?
When the time comes for fight or flight- what do you do?

Do you freeze?
What do you do?

I am asking you this so you can truly decide how you want this year to play out. 

Because darling, the thing is this… you’ve played small for far too long. 

Theres no more time. You are getting this time and this time only to truly and wildly listen to the calling of your heart. 

This is the year you choose and honour yourself FULLY. 

You give yourself the gift of living from your heart. 

Its been a long time coming, but this is where you’ll find your abundance, your harvest. 

When you decide to put your heart first, When you decide to listen to your emotions and give them space to be- you create space to allow this year to bring you blessings. You create space for this year to be the best on yet. 
You get to create it, if you want to. 

You’ve survived all your hard days. 
You sacrificed.. 
You got here. 

2020 is your year. 
2020 is the year you decide to just go for it. 
2020 is the time for you to jump in. 
2020 is the year of bottomless abundance. 

… if only you’ll let it. 

Life is short. 
Life is beautiful. 
Life is scary. 
Life is unknown. 


This is the year to take everything you’ve ever known and to place it in your heart. 

AND THEN be the bravest you have ever been and expose your heart to the world. 

Thats what 2020 wants you to know. 
Thats what we want you to know. 

You can build this dream with your heart on your sleeve. 
You can be safe and secure and feel you’re feels. 
You can be whoever you want to be. 

Because YOU is who YOU came here to be. 

This is your year. 
Feel it. 
Make it happen. 
Speak your truth. 
Do your thing. 
and for goodness sake JUST BE YOU. 

2020 is waiting for you. 
2020 is waiting for you to finally see.

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