pandemic lessons…


It has officially been 80 days since the first day we, (I) realized what was happening in the world was about to alter our lives.

It’s been 80 days since the day fear set in.

It’s been 80 days living in a world that’s felt like a dream…an emotional rollercoaster ride.

It’s been weeks, months and what’s felt like years since we had that day of panic. Of realization. Of cancelling trips. Of changing plans. Of cancelling over and over again. Of putting life on hold. Of buying all the toilet paper off the shelves. Of fearing the unknown.

It’s been 80 days.

Today is May 30th, 2020.
The day I realized this was “real life”, was March 12th, 2020.

Thursday things felt significantly different. This was a day we will never forget. The energy of the world weighed upon every adult’s shoulder. The day we all realized life was about to look and feel very different.

I remember that day…. like it was yesterday.

I remember being at work and not thinking this was real at all. I remember laughing as people said they were going to buy grocery’s and stock up just in case.
I remember people contemplating cancelling trips and teetering on the idea of going away or staying local for spring break.

I remember that day…. like it was yesterday.

I remember March 13th, 2020.
This was the last day of school before the break. This was the day everything did literally change.

This was the day that I started to feel the disbelief fade away and fear set in.

I remember the talks in the hallways between teachers. The kids asking questions we couldn’t seem to answer. I remember the worry circulating through the staff room.
I remember feeling like I wouldn’t be able to buy groceries because I wouldn’t get there until 330 in the afternoon.

The calls home to my family. The layoffs. The worry. The schools closing in Ontario till the end of March…. and soon we’d find out Alberta was indefinitely.

These were days we won’t ever forget.

80 days later and here we are.
As I sit here and reminisce on all thus far.
Sometimes I forget about what’s really happened.

I learned so much in these past few months, it’s crazy really because it somewhat seems like a fog of a day we re lived over and over again.

I documented as much as I could through social media and well my writing of course.

There will be moments when one day we will look back and say “holy shit, do you remember those days?”

I’ve kept journals.
I’ve kept IG stories. Video and pictures.
Memes. Tik Toks…. and things we will show the kids later.

But I wanted to share a few things I learned during self-isolation of wild and crazy pandemic times…

1. I learned that not everything needs to go fast in order for it to get done
2. I learned that social media is an even more powerful tool than I ever realized before
3. I learned there is a lot of change that needs to happen societally
4. I learned how introverted I really am
5. I learned I feel guilty when I’m happy and others are sad
6. I learned how to reconnect and be with old friends miles away through the device in my hand
7. I learned new tricks and found a new creative flow … hey even learned the ins and outs of YouTubeya know
8. I learned how much support I have through friends I’ve made online
9. I learned there was a dance called “savage” that spiralled through my mind
10. Most of all my biggest lesson was this- I learned what it is I want after all this. I learned how much life beforehand was not desirable to me. I learned that I needed time to myself. Time to break things down and really ask myself what kind of life I wanted to lead. I learned what I want and what I do not. I learned what’s coming with me and what simply is not.

This time has brought us all some big lessons. It’s brought some of us closer than anyone could have ever imagined.

Even though we’ve been told to stay apart, how beautiful was it to watch our hearts work together like beautiful art.

We grew so close as a whole worldwide. As a globe, we went through something no one could divide.

We found our friends, family even who lent us a hand exactly when we needed it.

Now everywhere we look when we see each other – for the first time ever we can empathize with one another. For the first time ever in our lifetime, we went through something that will forever change all our lives.

COVID didn’t come and attack anyone specifically- it came full force at all of the humanity.

I learned how united we are as one, even though miles apart we found everyone.

Everyone was hurting finding ways to cope.
Looking for another who could lend them some soap. ( had to put that there ) 

This year has been crazy. It’s been breaking things apart. 2020 …. you seriously have been off the cosmic charts.

I’ve learned through this pandemic that life is short. I realized that in February.
2020 started out with distress causing things likes forest fires and helicopter deaths. This year has been insane. And it’s left us in shambles, gaining weight, crying, and obsessively watching Netflix specials.

I’ve learned how connected we actually all are. How much we humans are alike after all. I realized during this crazy pandemic that life before this was trying to prepare us for this. I learned we weren’t listening. I learned we were too loud. I learned that within all of this came a blessing, one that shook us and felt rather messy. The blessing is here to steer us forward, into the direction of an entirely new world. I learned that our souls are here for a reason, ready to step forward and be the change-makers of the season.

Life is changing, it’ll never be the same.
And from this pandemic, I’ll tell you one thing.

I learned to question what I want for my life. If I was happy and if not what and how I wanted to say goodbye.

I found my answer, I bet you did too…
If not don’t worry- it’ll find you.

Pandemic 2020
Lessons from the heart … aka Courtney

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