are we over- sharers?

Are we over shareers ?

We live in a world, a matrix even of everyone’s lives “shoved” in our faces.
We live in this place where something exists within us that makes us want to like, comment, share and retweet for the world to see.
We live in this global world where the connection we have to one another’s lives is in the palm of our hands.

Life my darling.
It’s become a place of sharing.
Sharing the word we live in with the society we have reincarnated in.

This world we live in, we share our lives.
We see one another through screens and FaceTimes.

Its become more apparent in this plentiful year – with more screen time than ever before 2020 got here.

So what do you think?
What’s your opinion on this?

Do we overshare or lives on social media? Do we know too much about one another?

I mean hey, there’s a side to absolutely everything in life- not always right and not always wrong. This question I think is just something I thought of.

Here we are in a time of existence where everything we could ever want is planted in this device we live with.

We write.
We talk.
We laugh.
We dance.

We share with the world some of our biggest moments.

So what do you think about my question above? Do you think we overshare too much?

I’m about to answer this question of mine and SHARE my view through the lens of my eyes.

I didn’t always feel this way but it’s grown through the years. I think that sharing is helping us hear. I think that when people share their stories and share their feelings it’s able to make an impact on so many humans from near and far.. miles apart.

When we share the emotions that come from our heart, we open up the gate to let the world know what’s ours.

By doing this we show ourselves off- often feeing naked and vulnerable in taking the layers off.

By doing this it shows a side of realism and our most “human side.”

The side that connects to so many people.

By sharing you see, we show up as real.

Real builds connection.
Real build truth.
Real is the freedom that lies within you.

So my answer is no, I don’t think we overshare. I love seeing what people decided to eat for dinner just as much as what made their heart tare.

When we share with each other we build bridges of hope. We discover what’s underneath all of the roots. We feel what they feel. We are inspired by their truths. We then gain permission to be fully real too.

This teaches empathy.
Something we missed long ago.
Something the systems in society just didn’t know.

Empathy is our bridge between worlds.
Between people.
Between races.
Between one another.

Empathy is as it goes…… “walk a mile in someone else’s shoes.”

We can’t physically be or ever possibly understand FULLY what someone has been through, but we can start to build empathy to walk that mile in their shoes.

So no, we don’t. We don’t overshare.
When done properly and from the heart, sharing has the ability to bridge the world’s hearts.

It sounds simple, and oh boy do I know it’s not.
I understand fully this isn’t a simple walk in the park.

It’s something that takes time to build.
It takes sitting, listening, and being willing to chill. To chill us and decide to look at the world through another person’s eyes.

Listen to the story of the ones you’re drawn too because they are showing you something that has been needing healing within you.

When people share, they open up their hearts.
When we listen we become soft, our walls fall down, we see another human and empathy becomes an art.

This is the gift of the day and age we live in.
We get to see and hear stories of people’s lives we never would have got to see otherwise.
We have a chance to learn new lessons, dialogues, and compassion for the way people have been living within this existence.

So share your story.
Be brave in your pursuit.
You never know who you might help out.

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